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'no the hosting is free'. immediately i said sir, i am sorry, i am not going to be able to help you with this situation. i can see that you are not serious about hosting the dolphin script, and when you do become serious, please let me know if you are still in need of assistance. FREE, the guy was on some free hosting service somewhere, trying to run dolphin. brilliant i tell you, absolutely brilliant.

TOS and EULA, if people would read those, there would not be any posts of this nature required. see more

what kills me is the fact that so many are advertising UNLIMITED, folks, there is no such thing, NO SUCH THING, there is a limit to all tangible and intangible items.

even if they say UNLIMITED bandwidth or unlimited space, although its a farce, if you read the TOS, it will state that if you use more than your allocated % of resources on the server, your account will be terminated. however, it has been in open discussion, that nobody knows that % until your site goes down.

2k character limit got me again
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