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I think a lot of members assume that they can run rms server on shared hosting for a few bucks a month, which won't happen. You can still run most of the features for a few bucks per month. Some hosts have speedy servers that will allow you to do more than others without them complaining.

Others not so. A few video uploads and they can you/suspend you for too many resources. The ffmpeg video upload chews up the resources and shared hosts with a tight tos will complain.

I don't think you need see more to spend $20+ per month for dolphin unless your site really does a lot of video uploads(chewing the resources) or you need a plan with rms. Even if you need rms you can get a cheap host to handle dolphin and rms stand alone for cheaper than $20, if you don't do a lot of resource hungry things, but just need it there just in case.

If you do need the extra power than you are almost better off getting a vps or dedicated box, or sharing it with someone. You will get more bang for your buck plus you won't have to share the resources with 500 other accounts on the server fighting for the resources.

But if you are just starting out, have a small site, that don't use much power and/or just want to test things out then a few dollars per month would work too.

You can sang a cheep monthly dolphin host and then get a 3rd party rms for much less than $20 per month combined. So shop around.

Then when you are ready to get big time upgrade.
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