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are you serious, you think boonex should provide free hosting services. can you tell me of any software developer that would host for free. well for that matter why would anybody host dolphin for free. how about this prolazink. for every Dedicated server that you supply to the community for free, I will also provide a Dedicated Server to the community for free. Quirk here is that for every prime license, you will need to provide a Dedicated Server Per Dolphin license, taking into account see more that Prime offers 3 Dolphin License with its purchase.

Since you think it should be free, lets see just how free you think it should be sir. I am willing to go to bat on this one, and see what gets produced. as i recall you are on some shared environment with GoDaddy, so the likeliehood of producing one Dedicated server for the community is basically 'null'.

Please consider what you are saying here, you expect Boonex to fork out the cost of a dedicated server, minimum cost $1560.00/year based on $130.00/month dedicated server. So in evaluating this, the Prime License sales for $998.00, therefore, Boonex would need to payout $562.00/year in order to sell a prime license to its customers.

Then not only that sir, but we are talking about the necessity for support of those servers that boonex would now be the manager of? Boonex does not have the staff to properly support the application, and you wish to put another burden on their plate.

Again, my offer stands, for every Dedicated Server that you provide to the community for free, i will match that Dedicated Server.

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