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brother codesatori, thank you first of all for the link to download. im not gonna hash this with you because of a simple reason, phpbb Does Not compare to the resource intense Dolphin Environment.

Then ok will take it down a notch, Prozac, for every shared account you host for free, just the app with FTP access, no shell, no emails, no auto responders, i will match that with you. if you think its such a walk in the park and boonex should provide such.

but then what about the whiners who havent see more purchased the Prime license, oh my, why should they be singled out and thrown to the wolves and forced to fend for themselves in the matter of hosting.

maybe we can just provide free Prime licenses, and Free Hosting for the Dolphin Script, oh yes much better, it should all be free.

Free he says, boonex how dare you not provide free hosting
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