Having ran a successful Dolphin built website with Paid Subscribers for some time now I seen this post and wanted to add my two cents.

Here is just a short list of things that should be considered when choosing payment providers.

1. Are there start up or month fees other then the fees for processing each charge and if so how much are these?
2. Do they accept dating sits or better yet adult dating or related content?
3. Do they support reoccurring payments and if so weekly, monthly, see more quarterly, and yearly and will they allow a one time payment like for Life of Site or lifetime membership?
4. Do they offer suppressed email notification for reoccurring billing?
5. Who pays for charge backs? The site owner or the payment provider?
6. Do they support multi currencies?
7. Do they offer 24/7 support and on phone support?
8. Will they allow a customer statements to have some privacy. For example say you have a customer subscribes to your website called TheJerkOffClub.com can his statement say something a bit more discrete. This can make a difference in payment conversions if the customer knows this upfront.
9. Does the provider allow you accept both Visa and Master Card without additional fees. Some providers like CCBill will give you Master Card free for adult websites but then charge like $750 to be able to take Visa plus a big yearly fee. On top of that they are very high percentage they keep.
10. What are the charges to get your money? How much do they charge for wire charge, bank deposit, check, ect.

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