More payment providers.. coming up in Dolphin 7

VictorT posted 16th of February 2010 in . 48 comments.

It's been discussed and decided to add more Payment providers to Dolphin.

We will reveal the full list of them later, the list is not that big: 2 or 3 may be. But I can say that there are 2 of the most famous and requested ones: 2checkout and CCBill.

Of course, most of you have your own famous and requested ones, other than those 2 I revealed above. We know that and there are no doubts you would put your suggestions in comments. So, you are welcome to do that. We don't give any promises that your suggested one (we don't except the matches) would share their place in that list, but at least we would look at them wider.

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That's great. Consider Alertpay. It's for non adult & adult sites.
For me the best is

accepts adult sites

Free account opening

payment by phone and credit card

Affiliate program - for its website

- 43 language

Affiliate program - for its website


two demo
€ 16'290'296'053 processed transactions
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom (FSA)

the lowest fee on the net, fast, reliable, top rated, convenient
well alertpay is also a good payment provider... it's exactly the same as paypal but the only different is that they do accept dating and adult website...
You should definitively add support for Authorized.Net which is one of the most common payment gateway.

I have used for several years. Very good service. Also I am very positive towards
Either will do, but if only one of these must be selected, then the clear winner is
Please include ALERT PAY!!!!!!

Please consider SWreg which is already available on the unity for the sellers

Yes AlertPay will be nice too.


a deadline for these 2 options is setted ?
For international payments by phone, sms and cc I would suggest:

For more European oriented and special in Germany very popular:

both options have additionally payment ways
I wish add the payments by ... it's the best for community websites
I agree with the , very usefull for the adult site payment with sms ! ( i use it)
google checkout

should all be included in this script as default payment gateways.

since this application is used for several different levels of operations with adult sites catching the most flack about payment processing, there are others who are running a business entity and would prefer to stay away from the high costs of processing payments from some of the gateways that do process adult site payments. it is well known that gateways that see more process adult site payments, also charge a higher premium for their services.

good job on providing additional payment gateways. i also think there is one modder/developer who is writting a plugin now for some payment processor out of canada.

AlertPay & obviously in addition to CCbill and 2Checkout. Finally, we all have a hope... Release us from the Paypal slavery... :)
Google Checkout IS AN MUST is an great alternative.

Also sounds interesting I'll check it out....

На данный момент из всех предложенных систем включая Paypal не для русского населения.
Добавьте для русских, систему платежей
она принимает все руские платежные системы, включая банковские карточки, sms, webmoney, терминалы и много других электронных денег.
Не забывайте see more что много людей живут в Росиии и хотели бы делать платежи в наших социальных сетях.
While it would be good to have many providers, time is an issue for some of us, so if you could FIRST add just one or two payment providers (one that does adult, another that doesn't...both that handle recurring) right away, and then work on the rest later. But FIRST do the one that can handle adult, and get it to us, because PayPal won't do adult, so adult sites have NOTHING at the moment.
Thanks, - Mishka
Creditcard payment and pay-by-phone is secure with but don't forget alertpay &!! Plain creditcard processing would be good ;-)
Can't wait for Boonex to add more Payment options as my site is struggling with Paypal.
Please consider its been used commercially already for years and it is a famous mode of payment for most dating websites.
I want to see
Great stuff! I would love to see Google checkout brough in as well. It works almost like Pay Pal but is a thousand times better and has much lower fees
I would be even happier to have the store module more looking like an e-commerce script and not just a dolphin 7 page with pay buttons..
Here's some more...
Having ran a successful Dolphin built website with Paid Subscribers for some time now I seen this post and wanted to add my two cents.

Here is just a short list of things that should be considered when choosing payment providers.

1. Are there start up or month fees other then the fees for processing each charge and if so how much are these?
2. Do they accept dating sits or better yet adult dating or related content?
3. Do they support reoccurring payments and if so weekly, monthly, see more quarterly, and yearly and will they allow a one time payment like for Life of Site or lifetime membership?
4. Do they offer suppressed email notification for reoccurring billing?
5. Who pays for charge backs? The site owner or the payment provider?
6. Do they support multi currencies?
7. Do they offer 24/7 support and on phone support?
8. Will they allow a customer statements to have some privacy. For example say you have a customer subscribes to your website called can his statement say something a bit more discrete. This can make a difference in payment conversions if the customer knows this upfront.
9. Does the provider allow you accept both Visa and Master Card without additional fees. Some providers like CCBill will give you Master Card free for adult websites but then charge like $750 to be able to take Visa plus a big yearly fee. On top of that they are very high percentage they keep.
10. What are the charges to get your money? How much do they charge for wire charge, bank deposit, check, ect.

Here is some intresting links:

While we do not like the fees that CCBill has we use them for the Mastercard side and then use AlertPay for the Visa side of things. This way we don't have to pay the big fee of activating Visa. Alertpay percentage fees are much Less then CCbill and there web interface is so much better. Very nice to set up payment types see more anyway you want. We have booth monthly and lifetime membership memberships. The CCBill interface is way out of date and overly complicated to work with as well as they have way to many rules even know we use them I would much rather be using someone other then them or AlertPay for both Visa and MC. But I do think CCBill should still be an option for payment providers just know the challenges here.

Here is my suggestion for the Boonex development team.

By all means go down the path of integrating several payment providers into Dolphin and try and pick ones that work with dating and adult websites because that is a big part of the market many of us work in. PayPal is the thing of the past for daing sites. They also are way to hard to work with these days if you do any volume.

The last thing a business owner wants to do is spend years building a residual billing model then have your payment see more provider yank all your subscribers from you. All the better reason to be have a solution that is diversified where a site owner can offer several different payment providers to the customer for the purchase. Then also have an image that can be uploaded for each provider the member can choose so they can see what card type each of those providers take such as Visa, MC and others.

Its one thing to build a community dating site. Its even another thing to get members to your site. Its even harder thing to get them to convert to paid customers. So here are some additional thoughts based on my experience. There should be promo block that can be customized when members login that are not paid members so they know what kind of deal is going on to help make them convert.

In addition, there should be a membership comparison chart they can click on to see what different features they get based on what membership level they go with and the cost for each of those.

These are key things to get members to convert and no site should be without them. Think about when you go to don't you see that level of marketing talking place.

Those are my thoughts......!

Anyone know when these changes will be made into D7 and when we will know what providers will be chosen.

For me Allopass is the BEST!!!!! So please develop a payment provider for that


CCBill pease !!!

When will CCBill be supported?
Allopass payment by phone

Autorized payment by sms wil be a revolution for the customers affiliation on a Dolphin community.

Credit card is already supported by Paypal.
Wow Zorro...thanks or the huge amount of info.
BOONEX...Please read his posts, as well as the pdf chart he provides. Maybe CONTACT Zorro and work with him when making decisions, as he obviously knows what he's talking about from experience IN THE REAL WORLD.
It's the REAL WORLD usage of these payment processors that is important...I would take his advice on CCBill AND AlertPay.
Remember that when you choose a payment processor you will be committing us all to whatever terms (and fees, and rules) see more that company has, so choose wisely (low fees, Adult site friendly, recurring monthly/quarterly/yearly, ability to sell PRODUCTS as well as subscriptions, etc.).
Choose the right one, then please quickly make it available to us all...*** we cannot launch our sites until this is in place.***
Telling us how you're progressing toward this goal is important. Will you be done tomorrow? Will you be done Friday? Will you be done next week? What is holding you up? Knowing this will help us.
I would love to see you guys put Clickandbuy in Dolphin. It is cheaper than PayPal, and accepts more currencies and ways to pay. I have the example scripts from them if you would like to take a look and see if you could integrate it. I would be a happy happy man as PayPal really sucks. And, they were one of the best rated payment methods for dating sites.

It has been 3 weeks. Please give us an update about when this promise will be fulfilled. It is cruel to not even reply. Even if just CCBill, it would be okay. We need an official Boonex CCBill script! I don't understand, I've looked at the payment script, and it doesn't seem that complicated...if I had a handful better php knowledge I would do it myself! Surely you can 'crank this out' easily. ?? Thanks.
in brazil we need PAGSEGURO.COM.BR
in brazil we need PAGSEGURO.COM.BR
when is ccbill coming we need an answer
I would have to vote for, It is very common in the states.
Will CCBill payment provider option be released with version 7.0.2? I looked for it within Trac to see if it's one of the tickets for 7.0.2 or 7.1. However, I only found the changeset (#13940) of the changes to code that add CCBill functionality, but not the associated ticket number of that changeset. Without the ticket number, I'm not able to search it to see under which delivery it is scheduled for.

Anyone know under which version will CCBill be released?
I thought 7.0.2 would have had more payment methods integrated... I don't see any more ... that's disappointing
So we can not expect to have (Changeset 13940) included?

04/23/10 01:36:22 (5 months ago)
Anton Lesnikov

1. Major improvements in Payment module.
2. 2Checkout integration
3. Related changes in the Membership module.
4. SQL Part or CCBill integration

I see this is an old post and hasn't been updated for 92 days. I am researching the choices and see that igor did one for ccbill...which requires I believe a $750 fee to accept visa. And I see frahogmbh did a site also but there are no good reviews and when i went to the site it is in a language I do not understand. Are these my only two choices for ready made billing for an adult site and any recommendations.

I am trying to use the payment for 1.memberships with recurring payment see more 2.products in a store, and for3. banner2.0 when the members can buy banner space.

please for simple module Bank Payment

buyer pay - email sent

buyer transfer to bank

and then konfirmation with no. order

449 days ago, and still 2checkout and paypal.

Anyone did a payment gateway for alertpay ? Some of us are running adult sites and need other gateways than 2checkout and paypal.
As there seem to be a lot of adult sites using D. It might be interesting to have a look at and
They are 2 dutch companies which offer bank, credit/debit card, wallet and telephone payment options in a package of your choice.
All at very affordable prices. They will also help you with the scripts.

A telephone payment system is a must for every adult site as it almost impossible for someone to reverse their payments, contrary to credit/debit cards.

Anyway I think see more that you should at least have a look at it because of the mobile industry becoming more and more important.
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