All of the credit card processing that is done with my company is done online. We don't have any swipe terminals in our offices. The merchant account I have setup through a company called Sage Payments provides me with all the tools I need to successfully do this without the fear of a chargeback. Essentially, I am already posting payments to my accounts over the internet anyway.

Having said that, I have never setup an 'online' store before. I see in my Dolphin that the only optiion that is pre-programmed see more into the software is PayPal. My thought is to figure a way so Dolphin can set itself up so we can incorporate our own merchant accounts so the payments we recieve for our sales are not handed off to a third party. When I sell something, I want my money now, not 2 weeks or even 6 months (and sometimes never) down the road. No competent business can operate that way.

I have no idea how to accomplish this task but it seems to me that all banking transactions involving credit cards are essentially the same. It shouldn't be that big of a leap to create a generic & secure credit card processing page that collects all the data necessary to process the payment through our own banks and somehow make that page part of the store system and make it fully configurable so our members and ourselves can meet the needs of our individual institutions. I am sure most banks would love nothing better than to get PayPal out of their hair.
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