Not sure if I get why you would make Orca stand alone and what you are trying to convey. I am not asking for a stand alone Orca.

Orca while not many of us like it it is very much entrenched into D7 just like earlier versions.

For example, you cannot install certain modules unless Orca is first installed. I have reviewed some of the third-party mods out here and most are just an IFrame integration of whatever forum that is being used to replace Orca. This is not helpful when see more it comes to SEO. The other thing is because Orca is so heavily integrated into Dolphin no matter what third-party solution you go with is going to be a coding mess and be quite the challenge for future upgrades of D7.

So my thoughts are just make Orca a little better or have Boonex write some good Third-party module integrations into core D7 to allows us to choose what forum to use.

Either or both of these approaches would be a step in the right direction.

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