Nathan Paton
@zorro: Actually, my post did have some meaning.

BoonEx has made some slight modifications to Orca in Dolphin 7, though not necessarily noticeable. I was just stating that the only way for myself to use (and anyone one else who still uses) Orca as a standalone forum with the needed upgrades is to take Dolphin 7 and carve-out all the fat from around the forum.

As for any integrations, BoonEx has promised numerous different integrations in the past, all which have so far seen no progress. I wouldn't see more get my hopes up, if I were you. And to be honest, that goes for any needed enhancements to Orca.

Orca is still in version 2.0.2, which was released several years ago, and has not changed much since then. The only differences are the integrations into Dolphin.
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