important features are not bugs !
we have to move them to 7.1 because it requires new features added and/or heavy testing!

regarding other bugs - please check if they are in trac already, if not then describe them in details and post it in bug reports forum!
I have been trying to follow the trac and keep eyes out for important tickets, but a lot of the times they are not there or moved to D7.1

I wrote this from beginning. Why are you asking me to check trac? I have already. Place bugs in forums...hahaha that's a joke. they disappear faster then answered. I have post that never got answers to before in forums, so not going that route with issues that are software problems. I will use forums to help me with issues i can fix myself.

Now I released see more this software and you are telling me problems are moved to 7.1 omg that is NOT good, we will be still here 3 years from now trying to get a decent software working properly.

Well I guess i don't need to worry about changing my status on my site as it is set to frustrated...ughhhhh
Are you telling me that we cannot use the video comments recording as it does not work and need to wait for D7.1? If that is the case why even put it in the script for release, this is such a tease to my members.
I gave you a minus Alex because of this statement.

"important features are not bugs ! "

Important features are just that IMPORTANT. So why push them aside for now? This does not make any sense. You admit they are important, yet you refuse to fix them for us now. This is really not a way of showing future members how much members concerns mean to you all.
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