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LightWolf posted 24th of February 2010 in Community Voice. 15 comments.

I have been trying to follow the trac and keep eyes out for important tickets, but a lot of the times they are not there or moved to D7.1. Can anyone at Boonex please tell me how many IMPORTANT bugs will be completely fixed with this next release? There are some major problems from the user side I have found since releasing my site and this has me worried.

The blogs have major issues.

The videos are real real bad.

The voice recorder does not work.

Orca Forum is a mess.

I can not change my status message.

Admin can not change member status from promotion to standard. Button does nothing.

The fonts settings in chat will not stay as members have set them.

Shout box doesn't update.

Am sure there are more I have not posted.  All I ask is please let us know if these issues are going to be fixed with next release or pushed over to D7.1

I await for the bashing to begin. Please be quick and to the point, like ripping off a band aide.

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few items you posted aren't buggy :)
yeah good luck with getting that commitment. you can look for most to be pushed to 7.1, this will allow more time for creation of mods to be sold in the market at extreme prices. seems odd to me that the release of Dolphin7 increased the mod prices 50% and greater, however, the actual application is not 50% better.

read my post where i went through trac and there are tickets that have been submitted for as far back as 3 years. it was decided those are features that are going to be released in see more the future.

tickets that were submitted 3 years ago that have just been closed and determined that they wont be fixed.

as for your issue with the members chat settings, there is a free mod from rayz that will store the users settings, sound/font

as for the other issues you are facing, like the ability to change a membership level, i think that is localized to your instance. just as the inability to post to the wall a recording voice.

not sure what you are referring to on 'orca forums' is a mess?

what exactly is the issue with the blogs?

when you mention video being really really bad, are you talking about the quality of video when you record, or the playback quality?

i also seen a post the other day where a person couldnt update their status message. odd stuff indeed.

As for the videos, both DosDawg. It shows in pixels. Is very annoying as my videos are of ghost nature and need to be able to see clearly. Rayz player has never been this bad, what is the issue. Check out my site hon and see what I mean. spiritsweb.com And NO I am NOT trying to get members from here by advertising..lmao trust me, don't need that kind of negative energy..lol
important features are not bugs !
we have to move them to 7.1 because it requires new features added and/or heavy testing!

regarding other bugs - please check if they are in trac already, if not then describe them in details and post it in bug reports forum!
I have been trying to follow the trac and keep eyes out for important tickets, but a lot of the times they are not there or moved to D7.1

I wrote this from beginning. Why are you asking me to check trac? I have already. Place bugs in forums...hahaha that's a joke. they disappear faster then answered. I have post that never got answers to before in forums, so not going that route with issues that are software problems. I will use forums to help me with issues i can fix myself.

Now I released see more this software and you are telling me problems are moved to 7.1 omg that is NOT good, we will be still here 3 years from now trying to get a decent software working properly.

Well I guess i don't need to worry about changing my status on my site as it is set to frustrated...ughhhhh
Are you telling me that we cannot use the video comments recording as it does not work and need to wait for D7.1? If that is the case why even put it in the script for release, this is such a tease to my members.
I gave you a minus Alex because of this statement.

"important features are not bugs ! "

Important features are just that IMPORTANT. So why push them aside for now? This does not make any sense. You admit they are important, yet you refuse to fix them for us now. This is really not a way of showing future members how much members concerns mean to you all.
Bugs ,issues, what ever you call them, are a pain for my members. Now with the videos, when i record or play a video i have downloaded, it shows in pixels. Is hard to see.

As far as the forums are concerned, I am not going to use it so it don't matter there. Would like to in future, but not important for now.

"we have to move them to 7.1 because it requires new features added and/or heavy testing!"- dang everything is moved to 7.1

As for changing a person from promotion to standard see more it wont allow me to. I also have changed promotion time to never expire, yet it still shows members under that as expiring in 7 days like it says in admin. Even if you put 0. So I go to their profile and try to change them to standard. As i changed the info needed to register , yet when you want to change your profile, it wants all the info I un-clicked. Like zip code, last name, first name.All the things I have opted out of in admin section.

Now what about the blogs. I try to go into my blog and redo or add to it, when i click on save i get that dreaded error possible attack. Now I don't know about you all, but my members like the blogs and are an important feature to my site.

So there are 2 real important things I think need fixed BEFORE 7.1 so we can use this software for our websites. The BLOGS and the Video recorder and player...please, other stuff can wait, but members are not happy with new software.

Status you can not change once you use it. I have tried everything and it will not save NEW status.
I give up, i am so tired of every time someone has issues we are told its not a software issue its us, also we post bugs like you ask, then we are told it's not a bug or it will be added later with D7.1. What difference does it matter whether we post or not, we still get the run around. Please get it together and help us little people. If it wasn't for the little people you people would NOT be in business. We are getting to the point here that we can expect to get a tongue lashing just for asking see more for help. Then when something doesn't work, we are told we will have to wait for D7.1. Well you all can bash me all you want, but this is really frustrating to say the least.
Well i for one wont be bashing lightwolf, she does make some very good points. Here is one point i want to make about D7, and its this. Boony seems to be forgetting about its ordinary users, and by ordinary users i mean those people who haven't got a degree in php to be able to sort through the mess and fix stuff. Sure there are some very clever folk on here who can do that (to a point), but most of us are just sat waiting and waiting (and waiting some more) to get something that isnt so buggy, see more as it all gets pushed to 7.1, So it does seem to me that there are two options here, you either learn to code yourself and sort it out yourself, or you just make do...

Well there is a third option i suppose, and that's to realise if you want working software that wont drive your members away then you really have to look elsewhere because in the end when this software is finished (rofl at the word "when"), its going to be such a handful that not many people are going to be able to use it anyway. D6 never looked so appealing as it does now...

And... how long does it take to patch this thing up, take the new VB4 now that came out it was a right old mess, but they soon brought out the 4.01, and now we have 4.02patch 1 and soon there will be a VB4.0.3 all in the space of what 3 months... maybe if the concentration wasn't on what can we mod up today to sell, then there might be some progress


:-S now some people would have got the meaning of the Smiley of the first comment. start with :-S and it will end with :-S
a well known result for such a post....pain remains....
lightwolf ---- i am with you on the trac thing. they are riding that horse hard and heavy, however, it only has three legs ---- fact of the matter is trac isnt getting us anywhere.

tyke --- right on brother on the what can we mod up today. seems some features were left out intentionally knowing that members would want the functionality and look at the prices of the mods $100 and up.

if you recall there was a rant from me back before there was even a Dolphin 7 release, where the lead programmers see more of dolphin were over on expertzzz selling mods for a BETA release. now that should have thrown red flags all over the place.

lightwolf, i will look at your issues that you have and see if i can help out with some of them. i think some are isolated, others are global such as the sounds not playing on the video recorder when one posts a video comment to the wall.

Well guys and especially lightwolf. What I have learned from testing dolphin so far is following - its absolutely not for begginers - its a good piece of software for computer savvy and php programmers. Altrought there are people complaining about messy cody - it is ...but it somehow works :-) - keep it as a fact.
Many people waiting for 7.1 release but dont forget one thing: 7.1 includes many new features = plenty of new bugs. So some of older bugs will be fixed but than you will complain about see more a vast of new bugs. Once more again its very risky use dolphin if you are not skilled php programmer with ability to edit and fix things in dolphin. Othervise - there is still a choice: select your boonex agent and let him fix your stuff for money. This is one of well known marketing trick of nearly all "free" script developers. You got main system for a free but whenever you need an instant fix you need pay developers for fix and thats a big portion how they earn money - I personally dont take this as bad - well... its business and devs need to pay their rents, cars etc.... Have look at joomla - it works similar core system is free but than you will buys extensions, extensions contains numerous bugs and u will have to wait several months to dev fix it or pay devs to fix or edit extension for you for money.... but bugs are never fixed..always old bugs getting fixed but as softeare is developing new and new bugs arrive - its neverending process...
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