Bugs ,issues, what ever you call them, are a pain for my members. Now with the videos, when i record or play a video i have downloaded, it shows in pixels. Is hard to see.

As far as the forums are concerned, I am not going to use it so it don't matter there. Would like to in future, but not important for now.

"we have to move them to 7.1 because it requires new features added and/or heavy testing!"- dang everything is moved to 7.1

As for changing a person from promotion to standard see more it wont allow me to. I also have changed promotion time to never expire, yet it still shows members under that as expiring in 7 days like it says in admin. Even if you put 0. So I go to their profile and try to change them to standard. As i changed the info needed to register , yet when you want to change your profile, it wants all the info I un-clicked. Like zip code, last name, first name.All the things I have opted out of in admin section.

Now what about the blogs. I try to go into my blog and redo or add to it, when i click on save i get that dreaded error possible attack. Now I don't know about you all, but my members like the blogs and are an important feature to my site.

So there are 2 real important things I think need fixed BEFORE 7.1 so we can use this software for our websites. The BLOGS and the Video recorder and player...please, other stuff can wait, but members are not happy with new software.

Status you can not change once you use it. I have tried everything and it will not save NEW status.
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