yeah good luck with getting that commitment. you can look for most to be pushed to 7.1, this will allow more time for creation of mods to be sold in the market at extreme prices. seems odd to me that the release of Dolphin7 increased the mod prices 50% and greater, however, the actual application is not 50% better.

read my post where i went through trac and there are tickets that have been submitted for as far back as 3 years. it was decided those are features that are going to be released in see more the future.

tickets that were submitted 3 years ago that have just been closed and determined that they wont be fixed.

as for your issue with the members chat settings, there is a free mod from rayz that will store the users settings, sound/font

as for the other issues you are facing, like the ability to change a membership level, i think that is localized to your instance. just as the inability to post to the wall a recording voice.

not sure what you are referring to on 'orca forums' is a mess?

what exactly is the issue with the blogs?

when you mention video being really really bad, are you talking about the quality of video when you record, or the playback quality?

i also seen a post the other day where a person couldnt update their status message. odd stuff indeed.

As for the videos, both DosDawg. It shows in pixels. Is very annoying as my videos are of ghost nature and need to be able to see clearly. Rayz player has never been this bad, what is the issue. Check out my site hon and see what I mean. And NO I am NOT trying to get members from here by advertising..lmao trust me, don't need that kind of negative
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