lightwolf ---- i am with you on the trac thing. they are riding that horse hard and heavy, however, it only has three legs ---- fact of the matter is trac isnt getting us anywhere.

tyke --- right on brother on the what can we mod up today. seems some features were left out intentionally knowing that members would want the functionality and look at the prices of the mods $100 and up.

if you recall there was a rant from me back before there was even a Dolphin 7 release, where the lead programmers see more of dolphin were over on expertzzz selling mods for a BETA release. now that should have thrown red flags all over the place.

lightwolf, i will look at your issues that you have and see if i can help out with some of them. i think some are isolated, others are global such as the sounds not playing on the video recorder when one posts a video comment to the wall.

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