Well guys and especially lightwolf. What I have learned from testing dolphin so far is following - its absolutely not for begginers - its a good piece of software for computer savvy and php programmers. Altrought there are people complaining about messy cody - it is ...but it somehow works :-) - keep it as a fact.
Many people waiting for 7.1 release but dont forget one thing: 7.1 includes many new features = plenty of new bugs. So some of older bugs will be fixed but than you will complain about see more a vast of new bugs. Once more again its very risky use dolphin if you are not skilled php programmer with ability to edit and fix things in dolphin. Othervise - there is still a choice: select your boonex agent and let him fix your stuff for money. This is one of well known marketing trick of nearly all "free" script developers. You got main system for a free but whenever you need an instant fix you need pay developers for fix and thats a big portion how they earn money - I personally dont take this as bad - well... its business and devs need to pay their rents, cars etc.... Have look at joomla - it works similar core system is free but than you will buys extensions, extensions contains numerous bugs and u will have to wait several months to dev fix it or pay devs to fix or edit extension for you for money.... but bugs are never fixed..always old bugs getting fixed but as softeare is developing new and new bugs arrive - its neverending process...
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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