Well i for one wont be bashing lightwolf, she does make some very good points. Here is one point i want to make about D7, and its this. Boony seems to be forgetting about its ordinary users, and by ordinary users i mean those people who haven't got a degree in php to be able to sort through the mess and fix stuff. Sure there are some very clever folk on here who can do that (to a point), but most of us are just sat waiting and waiting (and waiting some more) to get something that isnt so buggy, see more as it all gets pushed to 7.1, So it does seem to me that there are two options here, you either learn to code yourself and sort it out yourself, or you just make do...

Well there is a third option i suppose, and that's to realise if you want working software that wont drive your members away then you really have to look elsewhere because in the end when this software is finished (rofl at the word "when"), its going to be such a handful that not many people are going to be able to use it anyway. D6 never looked so appealing as it does now...

And... how long does it take to patch this thing up, take the new VB4 now that came out it was a right old mess, but they soon brought out the 4.01, and now we have 4.02patch 1 and soon there will be a VB4.0.3 all in the space of what 3 months... maybe if the concentration wasn't on what can we mod up today to sell, then there might be some progress


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