brother code ( this should be posted in the forum)....

well i had to say it, you expected it, and i see that no ball busters have come by to haunt you on this. (of course you know i am kidding) issues like this should be front and center. and they should be addressed. however, as has been the experience from many of us, when you bring up issues of this nature, you will quickly find that you can no longer find your blog post. it gets ruffled to the bottom of the pile, and there is no way to revive see more it to come back up to the top for air, so it eventually drowns.

you have brought up some very exclusive points, and points i may add have already been addressed with boonex, not only on this script, but many of the other applications that they have released.

hopefully we can get the guys who are responsible for turning out the production to realize that if its quick and easy, its most likely wrong.

now to discuss exactly what these errors are that you say are not helpful, they are helpful to many of us who have used dolphin for a period of time, but moreover, if one took the time to read the developers server requirements, these errors would never have been populated on this instance:

Register Globals --- should be off
Safe Mode --- should be off
Allow_url_fopen ---- should be on
PHP Version ---- 5.2.0 minimum
mbstring extension --- should be installed
allow_url_include ---- should be off
install directory ---- removed or renamed

so where the errors are not in the greatest format of presentation, they are still clear in most instances.

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