you are right in your request to have the members stop referencing not bashing, this is not bashing if it is factual. where i dont have a dog in this hunt, i would like to share what i see from the outside looking in. This is not the first time this has been reported, this is the first time there has been so much discussion about what is going on.

The fact that you were contacted by the original author, and he was basically ignored which lead to this post in the blog, leads me to believe see more that this was not taken seriously. As a development company yourself, this could have been handled with a lot more finesse that was implemented on this per instance.

I have a question, and i would like an honest straight answer, had this been Aramis or AntonLV that contacted you said that this person was selling their mod, what procedure would have been put forth then? If there are any different steps that would be taken by one of your employees proclaiming theft, why would a member (paying member) be addressed any differently.

There have been other reports of theft that have gone flat out IGNORED, and yes i believe its so that boonex is able to capitalize monetarily. because quite frankly i forget the members name, but i am sure you can use the search feature on the forums and find the posts where the member was ripped off for his language translation. There was nothing done about this whatsoever. There are complaints about others that are thieves, yes Andrew thieves.

Where it may be your position that it is not your duty to police the market, I would suppose you are wrong on that one. You shouldnt have an open market where you are charging a fee to post to if the persons items are not secure.

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