As to whether the author who contacted you was the original author, you can tell that very easily by timestamps on your database. member-1 uploads to the market a template that member-2 purchases x days later. member-2 uploads a template to the market that is 66% similar, then it is safe to say that member-2 is selling stolen goods. I use the number 66% because in order to release something new, you have to change minimum 35% to take it outside its original copyright.

I personally wish you would see more revisit how this is handled. I think there are a great number of members who are paying to post their products in the market, and with that payment, there should be some security that rogues and thieves are not going to be allowed to prosper from what is stolen.

I was just over at host for web, and looking at their Terms of Service. I have no accusation here other than its very obvious that this persons work was stolen, did you remove the thief from the market. I doubt it. So what i found is where you claim you will not do anything about the a claim that something has been stolen. Your hosting service provider does declare differently in their Terms of Service

Host For Web TOS:

HostForWeb, Inc is pleased to offer our clients unlimited traffic, hits and web space. To maintain the integrity of our service the usage of account for backup or file storage is not allowed as well as the following kind of activities, traffic and usage:

Hacker focused sites/archives/programs
Sites promoting illegal activities
Forums and/or websites that distribute or link to warez/pirated/illegal content
Fraudulent Sites of any kind

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