now with what has been posted about the fact that you offer a service, a price that is paid for a developer to list their works. You are whether you wanted it or not responsible if its stolen, especially if its stolen from another individual that paid you for access to the product. Based on those facts alone, you are in violation of the TOS from HFW.

and for that matter any hosting facility globally. this is not about whether you are in violation of the TOS for HFW, what the point is here Andrew, see more is that you accepted a sense of responsibility when you:

1. charge for a service (ability to post in the market)
2. provide a means for property to be stolen (charged for member with stolen property to post to the market)

I am not bashing, but the last three, in which you are asking to be left out of you are not showing traits of non-participation.

If you allow known thieves, I will not call any names, but you have been notified of them, if you allow such ROACHES on this site, which ultimately attract other ROACHES and breed ROACHES, then you are in fact facilitating, condoning, and encouraging illegal activity.

Get rid of the ROACHES, and you get rid of the problem. however, you must always have your Exterminator handy, because trolls and theives are always lurking. So unless you are doing something to D I S C O U R A G E the theft, you are in fact E N C O U R A G I N G the theft by proxy.
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