Reducing the affiliate commission from 20% down to 5% is what like 75% or 3/4 reduction. However, the $300 needed in commissions generated to actually get paid remains the same. So that means one would need 21 sales/commissions of the $299 lifetime license in order to actually get paid now. ($299x.05=14.95 per lifetime licenses commission). $14.95x20 happens to fall just short at $299, so 21 of them would be needed. This seems like a lot. If the commission rate was reduced by a factor of 75% down see more to 5% then it would be reasonable to reduce the payout by 75% as well or to a much more reasonable and reachable amount of say $100 or something. It would make things slightly more appealing. Otherwise, it's almost not worth even promoting anymore. It was 20%, and for a sale/commission of the lifetime license at $299 one earned $59.80 and needed 6 sales/commissions to get paid. Now the same would require 21 sale/commissions. It will be hard for most average people to reach that amount, unless they want to wait 5, 10, maybe 20 years just to get paid, or push Dolphin on everyone in the entire internet world. Where does the $59.80 (20% old commission rate) - $14.95 (5% new commission rate) = $44.85 (difference) end up going to? That's quite a difference or change. Talk about cutting back and slashing rates...ouch! What good is a whopping 5% when you need to earn $300 to get paid, it's like a joke right!

And let me guess if the hosts you recommend on your list decided they would only pay you 5% or cut the amount they currently pay you by 75% you would be content with that, and they would still be on your list of recommended hosts? I have a feeling they would suddenly disappear, and others that pay more would suddenly be recommended. Just a hunch.

Don't get me wrong 5% is better than 0%, but it's just kind of a bummer that you are dropping the commission rate by so much, and all of a sudden. It was 20% or several years.
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