I am posting here and not to cause conflict, but because this is something that happened to me personally in regards to this affiliate system. I have had boonex banners on my site from the very inception of Terabyte Hosting Solutions. of course this was my way of promoting the overall concept of social networking and wasnt really too worried about the actual payout.

I just removed all of the boonex banners the other day, which by the way all had well over 5k impressions on 10 different banner see more campaigns. I am not here to rally about how many sales this may have generated, because that is a moot point.

I had suspected for a number months that there was something quirky going on with the affiliate system, because there was a time where i would get notices in my email, saying i had earned x on the affiliate system. Then all of the sudden the notices stopped, but traffic to my site hadnt stopped and the banners were still front and center.

Again, a banner affiliate system is far from my idea of an income, so never really paid attention, just not enough time in the day. Then one day, I had a client which was hosted with me, and i had this client register on boonex to get his free license. the client wanted to try the product before the product was purchased. So about a week rolls around, and the client is very satisfied with the hosting, very satisfied with the script and is ready to purchase PRIME. I provided my client with my affiliate link.

On this specific day, i actually decided to track this and see how it worked. I watched as the client was referred across my aff number. Then the client provided me with the prime license number, actually the login to their boonex account, and it was confirmed by me that this was a Prime account.

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