I waited a few days, and contacted my agent in regards to this matter, it was looked into.

Now here is what i find disturbing. Upon investigation, my agent was told that my referral did not qualify. I was ok with that to some degree, however, where are the qualifications standards as part of this affiliate system? Well i was told they do not exist. So essentially I was denied the payout on the Prime license purchase on the grounds that it did not qualify. Why does it not qualify, that is a missing see more factor.

So where i am not stating that this was the practice the entire time, I do feel that of the number of impressions that were counted on my site, and i can provide archived records of exactly how many impressions we are talking about, there were no credits applied to my affiliate account.

I think the affiliate system is managed by one person, who determines if you qualify for credit or not.

So where i was going to leave this alone, and not even worry about it, i became annoyed that the payout would go from 20% to 5%, on the grounds that it has something to do with agents payout. I am not really complaining here, just stating my experience with the boonex affiliate system.

Before you proudly fly the boonex affiliate banner, please examine what would qualify as a payable referral?

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