This is really sad. What it comes down to as far as I can tell is that these Agents...not the FBI kind or The Matrix kind, but the Boonex Kind seem to feel that they do not make enough, and that they need for some reason dip in to the regular referral you and me. I don't make squat, but this is a total slap in the face and bs that I have to give up 15% and be reduced to 5% so these folks can make more money. What a friggin joke. It's a crock of you know what. They can't answer all the see more questions people have for them, so when I answer questions because I don't know how many times people have told me boonex takes weeks to get back to them...I am working or giving up my 15% for these agents. What a racket. What next? Seriously. This is a major joke.

Heck while your at it why not give us 1% and take 19%!

And some wonder why I complain about boonex related stuff on occasion well this one takes the cake!

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