How can the agents and standard affiliates double charge or conflict with one another that is what we have this affiliate software for...sheesh! Get better software if idev don't cut it for you. I thought it was pretty decent but don't manage a backend idev. Something just seems out of the ordinary or fishy, I don't know how they could be confused or doubled up it really don't make sense. You sell it you get credit how the heck could someone else get credit for the sale? The software don't allow see more for that, unless you are messing with it on the backend / adminstration of it. Maybe read the manual that comes with idev and learn how to make it work the way it was intended...Isn't that what you tell us about boonex dolphin? If you modify it than no gurantees or support in the matter!
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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