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Nathan Paton
@wolf2217: I said "with one of their Softaculous installations," not all of them. Nevertheless, I still do not approve of automatic installations. If you can't install Dolphin manually, you have no business using it (though this doesn't really apply to those who can, but are just too lazy to do it the manual way).
see moreWell...i can admit that i can be lazy and i think there are some drawbacks as well.
Downloading the current version is always the best way to go, doing it the manual way you know exacly what is being done and set throughout the installation process.
I did it the manual way cause i like to see if i can find occurences that happen and compare the one click installers to the manual installation and if i find a issue and fix it myself than i'll notify other users who use it of what to watch out for.
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