Andrew Boon
Everything is back on track now, but it hasn't been for a while. Due to DDoS attacks we had to work on Unity more, then the big upgrade of forums and a new security report on Dolphin added some unplanned overhead. It's only now that we have all developer back on Dolphin and it should be ready soon.

I keep saying that we try to commit to a certain schedule, but such is the nature of development of a web-script, you can't predict unless you overestimate. So, we work on 7.0.3 now at full pace and see more will do nothing but 7.1 afterwards. We have decided to put off everything until 7.1 is out at least.

As for bugs, etc... yes it IS possible to have a very stable release and we have identified some weak spots (and their roots) that need large overhaul to make everything better. Most of the changes will happen in 7.1.

Again, you may be sure that we work on nothing but Dolphin 7.x now full time, entire team.
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