Where oh where is the new release?

LightWolf posted 16th of August 2010 in Community Voice. 14 comments.

Well it is now the middle of the month and I see by the trac that they have added more things to be fixed on this next release. I thought we were going to get this release this month? i don't see how it can happen when we have more fixes added now then when it first started. I still stand by my prediction of a release in Sept. If they release this now , I am worried they will do as they have done in the past and push the left over fixes to the next release. Boonex, can we at least get 1 software release where you have fixed all of the tickets, not just shove them off to the next release?

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Nathan Paton
You haven't learned a thing about their releases through all these years, have you?
As people report more bugs, things are bound to be delayed. Because a lot of those bug reports are pertinent to the upcoming release. Now we don't want to be complaining that 7.03 causes more problems do we :-) (tongue in cheek!)
It's an interesting venture alright --- drop in new tickets and see how far they can travel! =)

Seriously though, if the reported bugs and fixes are dependent on each other, there's no point in releasing partial fixes. On that note, it's probably a good idea to delay "independent" tickets and crunch away the tickets with dependencies first to increase overall stability. Once the platform housekeeping is done, individually fixable bugs shouldn't be much of an issue to clear out of the see more way.
Thanks for the responses, but I was really asking Boonex this question.
For some reason Boonex won't have more then one minor version road map open at a time (e.g. start the 7.0.4 road map when working on 7.0.3). So anytime a new ticket is opened, it delays the release. Obviously some tickets have to go in the current road map, but many could be delayed. And while I do not want to be installing updates all the time, 'mega updates' have their own issues. When you have changes to your site the bigger the update the harder it is to fix things.
see more@LightWolf - yes beginning of the month was what was promised

IMHO There will never be a release with all bugs fixed - they have not managed it in past 5 years - I cannot see it happening now. They cannot even close out a legacy version with frozen features.

@LSB - it's because there is no planning, no prioritisation, and no commitment.

I'm pretty much with theguypc - At the moment I am seriously considering what value my involvement with this site gives me - So far I cannot find one thing.

Andrew Boon
Everything is back on track now, but it hasn't been for a while. Due to DDoS attacks we had to work on Unity more, then the big upgrade of forums and a new security report on Dolphin added some unplanned overhead. It's only now that we have all developer back on Dolphin and it should be ready soon.

I keep saying that we try to commit to a certain schedule, but such is the nature of development of a web-script, you can't predict unless you overestimate. So, we work on 7.0.3 now at full pace and see more will do nothing but 7.1 afterwards. We have decided to put off everything until 7.1 is out at least.

As for bugs, etc... yes it IS possible to have a very stable release and we have identified some weak spots (and their roots) that need large overhaul to make everything better. Most of the changes will happen in 7.1.

Again, you may be sure that we work on nothing but Dolphin 7.x now full time, entire team.
@ Andrew Boon ...RE: we have identified some weak spots (and their roots) that need large overhaul....

Mind sharing what those are? (Just want to see how closely your list matches mine)
Perhaps I'm just crazy, but am I the only one who would be fne with smaller but more frequent updates? I too hate waiting. I know it's ideal to have as many issues as possible resolved in each release, but we do not live in an "ideal" world... we live in the real world. How about smaller more frequent updates? Or is that just too much work for too little reward?
Thanks for the quick reply Andrew. It is nice to see such a quick response. I really appreciate it and am sure other members do to.
@JasonVan on frequent updates:

I believe the problem with issuing frequent releases has to do with the fact that many of the problem areas are interrelated, arising from old D6 architecture that's falling off the sleigh with all the new D7 features being coded in. This is of course something that would have been best addressed before public alphas and betas for D7.0.0 were released...
I sure hope that .xml call is on that list of yours. With that fixed there goes a few hundred posts of my server was shut down because of high usage !
Andrew Boon
After the release of 7.0.3 we'll compile a more definitive list of tickets in Trac for 7.1 to show what's planned.

CodeSatori is right, in a way, Dolphin 7 still has too much left from the old architecture and code, although it has been significantly improved. It can still be improved and brought up to date, but it's just a little more work-intensive than working with a brand-new platform. We keep tearing ourselves apart trying to bring Trident soon and still maintaining D7 in good shape, but see more often it works against us. For now the plan is to work on 7.0.3 and then 7.1 (and maybe 7.0.4 in between) and only then work on Trident again.

One thing about Trident that's really good is - even though it hasn't been released, it keeps giving us right ideas for current Dolphin, BoonEx Unity, Forums, etc.

Anyway, we will make 7.0.3 faster and more stable and 7.1 should be near-perfect.
@dolphin_jay: If you look up dosDawg's thread on XML.php and my notes, I think we're onto something as far as identifying the problem goes. Issuing a fix is likely a more involved a process!
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