Andrew Boon
After the release of 7.0.3 we'll compile a more definitive list of tickets in Trac for 7.1 to show what's planned.

CodeSatori is right, in a way, Dolphin 7 still has too much left from the old architecture and code, although it has been significantly improved. It can still be improved and brought up to date, but it's just a little more work-intensive than working with a brand-new platform. We keep tearing ourselves apart trying to bring Trident soon and still maintaining D7 in good shape, but see more often it works against us. For now the plan is to work on 7.0.3 and then 7.1 (and maybe 7.0.4 in between) and only then work on Trident again.

One thing about Trident that's really good is - even though it hasn't been released, it keeps giving us right ideas for current Dolphin, BoonEx Unity, Forums, etc.

Anyway, we will make 7.0.3 faster and more stable and 7.1 should be near-perfect.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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