from here, forums load faster no doubt. The demo site overall loads as fast as my site (am I just lucky with my hosting on whm servers?) I think when I upgrade the speed it will get another speed boost.

Former demo version were loading slow and I always had a faster speed on my servers then.

Great job guys

One thing I realized with playing a sound. The indicator rushed right to the end. The second time it was doing fine and since then.
Andrew Boon
Can't reproduce the indicator issue, but there's always a lot of discrepancy between Flash player/browsers versions that can bring little bugs.

As for the speed... in "perceived" loading speed of a properly configured site/server you wouldn't notice that much of a difference. Main gains are on server-load site for large member databases. Thus, for example 500 online members would experience similar performance with 7.0.3 as 100 online members experienced with 7.0.2, with everything see more else equal.
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