Dolphin 7.0.3 BETA (!) is here!

Andrew Boon posted 22nd of September 2010 in . 69 comments.

The long awaited "speed-up" version BETA is finally available. It is very important to understand that this is NOT A FINAL VERSION and it is NOT recommended for live/production sites. You may download and install a test site for yourself or play with our online demo, but please, don't upgrade your live sites. There will be NO beta-to-release update packs.


What's so important about 7.0.3:

1. Speed. A LOT of performance improvements (cache, MySQL, code, etc).

2. Forum. The major update of Forum module, same as at BoonEx Unity.

3. Bug-fixes. About 100 bug reports processed and fixed.

4. Security. We have received another security audit report and made proper fixes.


Specific details on most changes can be found here. Once 7.0.3 is production-ready, we will post more details on version change-set, along with the upgrade pack, and upgrade instructions.



Download Dolphin 7.0.3 BETA

Online Demo of Dolphin 7.0.3 BETA

7.0.3 Milestone Tickets List

Discussion Forum for Dolphin Betas

(that's where you post your bug reports and impressions and that's where premium members can grab info and submit tickets to Trac)



Dolphin 7.0.3 is the first step of our "Speed-up" project. We intend to continue working on speed/performance and plan to provide even more improvements in 7.0.4 and on. Further iterations are expected to take significantly less time than 7.0.3.

Next stage is "Detox" project, which will give birth to Dolphin 7.1. We are already working on it, adding/changing some features and significant amounts of Dolphin code is being re-factored. Performance-wise 7.1 should bring even greater advantage, especially in "perceived" loading speed.

As for your modifications/extensions and templates Dolphin 7.0.3 is a relatively safe upgrade, while 7.1 may potentially have a lot more compatibility issues. We'll start sharing more details on it as soon as possible.


Now, if you have time and drive for it, please try the 7.0.3 BETA and let us know how it rolls.

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Awesome! And wow it's fast! Will play around on it some more now.
Hi Andrew Boon! >>>>> Nice Job Guys

I don't want you to thing we are asking for to much

In the new version can you please make the videos, audios and photos with out scrolling up or reloading the hole site

members have to scroll up so they can see the next video, photo and sound each time and this is driving me nuts and my members

will be nice to click next with out the hole site realoding or scrolling up

can you please add this on the Dolphin 7.0.3

Please >> see more Please >> Please >> Please >> Please >> Please >> Please >> Please >> Please >> Please >> Please >> Please >> Please

Thank's a lot BOONEX
Andrew Boon
Not quite sure what you mean... if you open a video-page, for example, it has that large green arrow icon to scroll to the next video. The page reloads and is shown from the top. It works pretty much the same way on every other site, like facebook, flickr, etc. They just have very compact navigation and media pages fit into the screen when shown from top. They also have minimal "extras" on those pages, so reloads are near-instant. You may achieve same results by using templates with more see more compact navigation menus and by removing extra blocks from media page using builders.

Or, maybe, I didn't get you right, so let me know how exactly you see what you want to see :) ?
Hi Andrew Boon!

when you click next to see the next video the hole site reload than you have to scroll up

will be nice to click next with out scrolling up I know is like other sites but on the site if you can see when you click next the page reload but you don't have to scroll up I know the page need to be realod but please the scrolling up al lthe times each time you want to see a videos is not good
Yes UFO360, I got your point! and I'm with you.

It's exhausting to browse Photos or Videos and reload the whole template with every photo/video. If you look on facebook for example, only the photo-frame will be reloaded.
Maybe there is a posibility to segment the page in separate frames, so that only the photo/video-frame will be reloaded with every arrow-click (<= , =>).
Hope u understand what I mean!

why a member search option? - If it does not work

it is a very important function - it's the third page visited by members of my site ( google analytics)

I'm still with D 6.1.6 - with over 11,000 members - I'd love to migrate on D7

But without this feature I think this is unreasonable - there are too many competing system with sophisticated search

Apart from this problem - congratulations for your work
How can I make an update from 7.0.2 to 7.0.3 Beta 1 without reinstalling the whole package? Is ther a way?

Ayyways. Keep up the good work guys. I really like you´r attitude and you´r professionalism.
Andrew Boon
In short, just don't do that. Wait for the final version if you need an upgrade.
i think, you have to wait for the final version, if you want to have an upgrade patch.
Dont use this for a LIVE SITE like Andrew already has say!!!
Some people don't read the annoucement complett. :(
You know all this is Sooooooo confusing.... I keep waiting and waiting for something i can stick on a live site, but each and every update we are told, dont use as a live site, wait ... Now im not wanting to sound ungrateful for all the hard work, but when are we going to get a final product that we can use. Even the 7.1.xx is going to cause problems and need fixing...

It also has to be said, but with something this large, it really is about time there was an upgrade patch for each stage, beta see more or not. At least then we ( I ) could work on it a bit, knowing i wont have to scrap it and start again
Awesome! Thanks a lot for 7.0.3 Beta...

The Forums look good and the site loads fast...looking forward for the final 7.0.3
from here, forums load faster no doubt. The demo site overall loads as fast as my site (am I just lucky with my hosting on whm servers?) I think when I upgrade the speed it will get another speed boost.

Former demo version were loading slow and I always had a faster speed on my servers then.

Great job guys

One thing I realized with playing a sound. The indicator rushed right to the end. The second time it was doing fine and since then.
Andrew Boon
Can't reproduce the indicator issue, but there's always a lot of discrepancy between Flash player/browsers versions that can bring little bugs.

As for the speed... in "perceived" loading speed of a properly configured site/server you wouldn't notice that much of a difference. Main gains are on server-load site for large member databases. Thus, for example 500 online members would experience similar performance with 7.0.3 as 100 online members experienced with 7.0.2, with everything see more else equal.

ill download & teste

good work
Yea you got my point


Yes UFO360, I got your point! and I'm with you.

It's exhausting to browse Photos or Videos and reload the whole template with every photo/video. If you look on facebook for example, only the photo-frame will be reloaded.
Maybe there is a posibility to segment the page in separate frames, so that only the photo/video-frame will be reloaded with every arrow-click (<= , =>).
Hope u understand what I mean!

Well I have to say that my 7.0.2 sites are loading fast from our dedicated server. I don't think to go to update, simple my sites are running very well and missing nothing at the moment.
Nathan Paton
@tyke: After the beta, a final will be released which can be used on production sites.

I guarantee that there will be a lot of idiots trying to update their production sites to the beta, then running into all sorts of problems that I will refuse to help them with.

You might want to check your facts regarding Facebook reloading the entire page when loading another photo. It sure looks like like the only content loaded is new photos and their comments. Regardless of how they do it, the entire page doesn't scroll to the top when advancing to the next photo.

UFO is correct. Viewing photo albums in Dolphin is an extremely annoying experience. I discussed this almost 2 years ago, but you folks at Boonex chose not to listen. Most computer screens see more these days, are a 16:9 aspect ratio, which makes things more annoying than ever. I had to add a bit of javascript that scrolls the page to the top of the photos container div, as you can see here: It's not as smooth as an ajax content load, but it's a little less annoying than having to manually scroll the page every time you load a new photo.

A while back, I wrote up how I did this in the tips and tricks forum
Andrew Boon
Ok, it's a little more complicated with FB. Sometimes they use AJAX, sometimes they reload the page (more often in Safari), but it looks liek it's AJAX, because side content and menu are same and are cached (loading really fast). You can check their URLs - if you don't see # sign and URL numbers are changing - the page is reloaded.

Why you DON'T want to have it working with AJAX: this would compromise URLs structure, SEO and user-experience. Imagine people sharing direct URLs to the media pages see more - that would be a mess. FB is a little different, because they're mostly "closed" network and can afford using adaptive methods. Look at Flickr for example - they keep all their URLs uniform.

Still, what we will do - we will add an anchor to the image position and will link with that anchor from "previous/next" arrow icons. That would always show pages scrolled to the beginning of the media files. Coupled with proper caching and "lean" media pages you would get same effect as in Facebook images browsing (perhaps we could also add the fancy/AJAXy "loading" indicator to ice the cake?).
@danielmarseille Are you talking about the well know "null" issue, where member searches and the join form don't work properly in D7? I doubt if this will be fixed in our lifetimes - for some reason I don't think they want it to.
Andrew Boon
This issue is not trivial and assumes a few serious changes. I'd like to acknowledge that it is still considered as a problem here and we will work on it. At this point 7.1 is the most likely candidate to get this addressed, but 7.0.4 is also possible.
The ticket is now here:

fixed (rev. 14452), it was page blocks cache issue which was introduced in 7.0.3
we must be positive even if sometimes it is difficult to be positif

@ Andrew Boon
it is not very encouraging to read
: At this point 7.1 is the most likely candidate to get this addressed, but 7.0.4 is also possible.

We have 4 search block - one block is enough - if it works correctly
why not enjoy the beta version 7.0.3 to solve this problem - it is a very important function for all sites -
I hope you will do something for this problem - really tired of always being see more with D6.1.6

@ AlexT
What do you mean by : fixed (rev. 14452)
Hi Andrew,

What has been introduced with regards to the admin/moderator functionality on the forum?

I haven't got time to install a beta release and take a look but in the new beta, is it possible to easily apply the following:-

1. Reorder forums/subforums easily
2. Make topics sticky/unsticky
3. Delete topics

These are three pretty critical and expected functions for an admin of a forum and is beyond me why previous versions have not had this ability.

Please advise. Thanks
waiting for Dolphin 7.1
@ renpeng

waiting for Dolphin 7.1


dude Dolphin 7.1 is old are you still waiting for that version

Hi Andrew Boon!

Can you please fix this on the new version take a look please >>>>

When can we expect a usable version of Dolphin 7? This is just getting ridiculous.....
Nathan Paton
@danielmarseille: He means the issue was fixed in the specified revision. You can find the needed files through Trac. Just be sure to enter the revision.

I know and have read Andrews post before about upgrading the last site however Andrew i need to update now.

I know it's beta but i am sure if bugs exist you will fix them in the stable release however i have been waiting so long for this update i want to update now.

How do i go about updating the software???? Without causing havok to my current installation of course i have backed it up aswell i just need to know how!

Best Regards,

I don't mean to sound like a bully or a punk or whatever you want to call me but Dolphin 7 is usable right now.

On my servers it runs perfect with no major errors or any major problems with dolphin 7.0.2 i agree something should be changed.

If you feel this way Goto Joomla or Drupal you will find more bugs in them and as you install more components for them your software before more unstable.

Dolphin 7 is much better than 6 imo, Even the current stable release version 7.0.2 see more is fast for us as we host on our own servers and in our own environment.

If you want a server to host it on to test you can do to prove what i am saying or you can PM me with some of the issues you are having and i will take alook however, i dont see many issues and i dont know why everyone gives Andrew or any of the Boonex staff abuse in a round about way about usable software or scam software.

In may lating saying, if you don't like it don't use it and go somewhere else to pay 1000+ dollars for community software that has the same bugs!

Keep going boonex on the great work!

Best Regards,
Nathan Paton
@Vilayer: You can update through the repository, but there is no guarantee that everything will run smoothly. In the end, it may be best for you to wait, or else you can run into all sorts of issues. I do run some sites running off the recent revisions and have learned that you may also have to check for any queries that must be run as well, and not just overwrite files.

As for this beta release, you should not use it on a production site, as it will not be further updated.
Please allow for some method to send email alerts when receiving comments on profiles, videos, photos, etc..
Okay i will hold of on the update however,

When will a STABLE release be made Andrew i am not getting at you but this release was suppose to be made 1 month ago.

My communities depend on is as we are loosing a lot of members due to the forums system that we currently have, there are also a few other issues with the current system that we also need to get sorted A.S.A.P.

I will ask the question for other people who have asked me as well,

Are we going to have to wait for the following before see more you release the update,

#2126 Update Admin Sandbox Demo task minor 4 weeks 4 weeks
#2130 Update task minor 4 weeks 4 weeks
#2135 Update Documentation task minor 4 weeks 4 weeks
#2132 Golden Master task trivial 4 weeks 4 weeks
#2136 Public Announcement task trivial 4 weeks 4 weeks

I believe these tasks are administration tasks and not user side/ user issue development.

The following i know have to be completed but as other users have stated to me, you have released lots of updates in the past and i am sure you can package the update in no time at all correct?

#2133 Upgrade Pack task critical 4 weeks 4 weeks
#2127 Test 1: Installation task major 4 weeks 4 weeks
#2128 Test 2: Administration task major 4 weeks 4 weeks
#2129 Test 3: Frontend task major 4 weeks 4 weeks
#2134 Test 4: Upgrade task major 4 weeks 4 weeks

I do however have one more thing to add, i believe what would stop people from complaining so much which i posted against because i believe you are generally doing to a good job is the fact of stable development schedule. I know you know what this means but to state it for other users, see next post
A proper time track not just a development % like 3weeks 9 hours etc...
Daily or even every other day news being released in regards to dolphin packages and status.

I have noticed that news and administration is not real time here, you release news when people are at near breaking edge and then when you do release news people get angry for this reason.

I will continue this conversation over private messenger with Andrew anyhow.

Best regards,
How do we upgrade from 7.02 to the new beta? Upload the files and then go to the install directory and step through the motions?
Nathan Paton
@gk2inc: You should not update your current site to the new beta, as there are still problems and no new updates to the release will be provided. You can, however, make a new installation using the beta and preview all the changes made, as well as submit any bug reports to help in the release of a stable final.
thinking more about my previous comments would be better to send emails an alert system like facebook when someone writes on your wall. That applied to the comments of your photos, videos, etc ...
That would be an excellent addition to a future version
Nice to see Dolphin 7.0.3... Forums are really awesome... I am really waiting for final version for 7.0.3...
Beta? seriously. I reviewed the tickets that were supposedly fixed, and it appears of the tickets on that list, only ~35 were submitted 6+ weeks ago. where are the rest of the tickets that were submitted. how is it that there are the vast number of tickets set to trac, that all came about over the past 2 or 3 weeks?

I wont get into the number of tickets that have been submitted, such as the fact that the clear cache from the admin panel does not work, has not worked, and most likely will never see more work, but i suppose such a feature would be deemed an enhancement to request that it function properly. If something is an enhancement, it should not be introduced into the core set. if the features are not going to function as intended, please remove or repair those functions i.e. clearing of the cache from the admin panel.

I am sure there are hundreds of other tickets that were submitted, and ignored, just from browsing the list of reported fixed tickets.

We shall be loading this and testing what the performance level difference is.

Nathan Paton
@DosDawg: Actually, I can confirm that the cache removal options in the administration panel have been working since Dolphin 7.0.2 and may also have been working in one of the previous releases.
You are wrong Magnus baby. The cache removal feature in the admin panel may remove some of the files but doesn't touch the more important "cache" directory. All it does is empty the "public_cache" folder. I am on Dawg's side here. If the removal link only removes part of the cache, then it really serves no purpose.

How hard can it be to change the script to empty both folders?

There has been more than enough time to get a release candidate out on this project and shipping see more another beta is just a slap in the face to everyone that has devoted hundreds, if not, thousands of hours developing their sites.

Judging by the speed that this project is moving at, one could venture to say that the entire Boonex team is fictitious and there is really only one person working on the creation of Dolphin.
Nathan Paton
@SkyForum: Don't call me "baby."
It's that Hentai image. It always gets me excited ... (Those big, beuooootiful eyes!)
@Magnussoft - I search - but I find nothing on rev. 14452
Nathan Paton
@SkyForum: My avatar is of a boy from a fairly family-friendly anime series. If you'd prefer, I could start using a Kite avatar, though.
More going on here about a personal en diver with an avatar than what there is about Dolphin 7.0.3 release.

Best Regards,
Nathan Paton
@Vilayer: You're quite the observer, though it seems you've missed the other forty comments about the topic.
LOL.. What's an en diver? There's more going on here than the 7.03 update because there is nothing left to say about the 7.03 update. We're just trying to keep it interesting for some unknown reason. We thought you'd like the extra friendly chatter ... :-)
Hmm. I also noticed that my friend "Skyforum" logged in EXACTLY at the same time as me again. Imagine that....
Cyrillic in Store and Events module (URL) fixed?
Nathan Paton
@bojko91: I cannot find a ticket for the bug you're describing. Did you report it? Also, you can check for yourself by installing the beta.
Ok, I got's a question for ya.

If I install this beta and I choose to take the site live, can I expect an update to take me to a release version or am I facing another beta (7.04?)
Nathan Paton
@SkyForum: Like all betas, they are not meant for production sites, only for testing purposes. Because of this, no updates will be released for them. If you decide to run a production site with the beta, you will find yourself at a roadblock when it comes to updating.
You see, I already knew that. I just wanted to hear someone else say it.

Realistically speaking, when are we going to get a production ready version of Dolphin 7? I've been waiting a year now and I am sure there are TONS of people that have been waiting longer than that.

It is a direct question that deserves a direct answer.
Nathan Paton
@SkyForum: I'm sure that's a matter of opinion. Some people only use certain features of Dolphin, which means they may not have the same issues as you. For example, I find myself having few issues, mainly because there are some features I don't use, such as dating and couples.

(Chinese New Year).
That's a smoke screen and you aren't answering my question. I also have few issues with my current version but there are a ton of things that need to be finished. I can list them for you here if you'd like but I'm sure you already know what they are.

When are we going to get a base production version of this software that we can start building a real site with? next summer? the Christmas after that? I mean, this is just stupid! I need to move forward with my project as does everyone else. Hanging see more us out to dry like this while we all wait patiently for someone to get off their ass and actually finish Dolphin 7 is horse patooty!

I've already spent many hundreds of dollars on mods to try and move this along, I've dissected and fixed code in my limited fashion, I've even paid outside people to help me solve this issue or that and I'm getting TIRED of it. I want a usable product! Hell, I sit here and look over stuff and I see version 6 still has ongoing bug issues that haven't been touched in months and now they are talking about another new project?

What the hell is wrong with these guys? They have started TONS of projects and I can't find a single one that ever made it to completion!

Enough is enough!
Nathan Paton
@SkyForum: I believe I answered your question to the best of my abilities. You obviously have different requirements than I do, which means different features, which means more possible issues.

As for BoonEx's projects, many have been completed (around eight, maybe ten) and seem to work well (I'm not counting all of them in that regard, though). As for their products, that's a different story.
Well all the fixes according to the list, i am anxious to see its release date soon...
@Magnussoft for someone that has not been on this site long, you sure act like you know all about Dolphin. (which you do not) I have seen many wrong answers you have given on here in the past.

SkyForum is right, they have NOT released a completely finished product since I have been here from 2007. This is just another slap in our faces to wait so long for what? another BETA! Go ahead and tell us that you are a expert programmer and have NO issues with any of the releases.hahahaha. I personally see more am giving this software tell March of 2011 and then I will be leaving. I can not afford to pay for the cost of using this software if it is not finished. 3 years is a long time to wait for a finished product. i had over 100 members when I had D6 up, then we had the release of D7 and we could not move our members accounts over to new site and I lost half my people. Members do not want to join a site that you have to resign up to all the time. I still have issues with the migration as it does NOT migrate all info to the new site. I have asked for help and get nothing that will fix the issues unless I am willing to pay out the nose for help. I am NOT willing to pay for something that is NOT even finished yet. Nor will I pay for help with a section of this software that SHOULD work completely without flaws. After all why place the options in the software if they do not work?
see more@Magnussoft You are correct and please don't forget my last posts in regards to trying to get information for you guys and my self in regards to Dolphin 7.0.3. I am only trying to help :)

@SkyForum I love friendly banter :) en diver is kinda like bantering conversation but anyhow i love banter but i am trying to get information here about this bloody update, hopefully you can see my point.

@SkyForum Also i have noticed this my self DUAL login should be allowed is it not?

Best Regards,
@Magnussoft : Here is ticket
This is mean that all is good?
Nathan Paton
@bojko91: That means the problem has been fixed and those are the changed files. At the bottom of the page, there's an option to download the files in a ZIP folder. You can replace the files on your production site with those, or wait for the final to be released.

@LightWolf: I've been here for roughly two years. While this may not seem like such a long time to you, I feel it's long enough to have caught onto some things. I don't know everything about this script, or any BoonEx product or project see more for that matter. But I do believe that I know quite a bit, as evident by all those I have helped both on this site and on other BoonEx-related support sites.

I was not talking about products, but projects. It's true, BoonEx hans't released a finalized product in their lengthy history. What we do have are ever-evolving products which become stable in some places, while other bugs may develop in other places. And in some cases, we have products under heavy development for years, only to be never released.

This has happened only twice as far as I know. The first time was ProWider, which was a publishing script that powered numerous BoonEx projects in the early years, and I've found it to work actually rather well from a user stand-point. The second is Shark, and we all know that story far too well. While a demo was released of it, that's pretty much as far as the fish got in terms of an actual release.
Nathan Paton
I am not a programmer, nor do I ever claim to be. Whenever someone asks me for help with a problem that requires extensive code changes, I politely turn them away.

As for problems, I run into many issues with this script. I never once said that I have had zero issues with Dolphin, nor would any sane main clame such a thing. I have run into bugs, some more troublesome than others. I have not run into some of the issues others describe, mainly because I do not use the features they use. I admit see more that I have run into bugs that have delayed feature releases, and in some cases, the actual launch of the site. However, since I update my sites from time to time with code from the repository, it means that the needed fixes can sometimes be applied immediately, instead of waiting for a patch.

I do believe, though, that many issues people have are caused by themselves, and not the script, but this is not always the case.
Good news 7.0.3 is close. Have you found a solution that members put there correct email address when regestering. I have noticed that some websites require an email address before filling out the form, so the only way to join is by filling out you email address, going to your mail then clicking on the address that takes you to the joining page. this is inportant as we need to keep members interested by sending them mail and tweets. see they have the joining system sorted. see more
When new members are uploading there joining photo there should be a please wait sign. they should not be allowed to continue untill the photo has fully loaded. this would stop members not uploading there photoes.
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