That's a smoke screen and you aren't answering my question. I also have few issues with my current version but there are a ton of things that need to be finished. I can list them for you here if you'd like but I'm sure you already know what they are.

When are we going to get a base production version of this software that we can start building a real site with? next summer? the Christmas after that? I mean, this is just stupid! I need to move forward with my project as does everyone else. Hanging see more us out to dry like this while we all wait patiently for someone to get off their ass and actually finish Dolphin 7 is horse patooty!

I've already spent many hundreds of dollars on mods to try and move this along, I've dissected and fixed code in my limited fashion, I've even paid outside people to help me solve this issue or that and I'm getting TIRED of it. I want a usable product! Hell, I sit here and look over stuff and I see version 6 still has ongoing bug issues that haven't been touched in months and now they are talking about another new project?

What the hell is wrong with these guys? They have started TONS of projects and I can't find a single one that ever made it to completion!

Enough is enough!
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