Nathan Paton
@bojko91: That means the problem has been fixed and those are the changed files. At the bottom of the page, there's an option to download the files in a ZIP folder. You can replace the files on your production site with those, or wait for the final to be released.

@LightWolf: I've been here for roughly two years. While this may not seem like such a long time to you, I feel it's long enough to have caught onto some things. I don't know everything about this script, or any BoonEx product or project see more for that matter. But I do believe that I know quite a bit, as evident by all those I have helped both on this site and on other BoonEx-related support sites.

I was not talking about products, but projects. It's true, BoonEx hans't released a finalized product in their lengthy history. What we do have are ever-evolving products which become stable in some places, while other bugs may develop in other places. And in some cases, we have products under heavy development for years, only to be never released.

This has happened only twice as far as I know. The first time was ProWider, which was a publishing script that powered numerous BoonEx projects in the early years, and I've found it to work actually rather well from a user stand-point. The second is Shark, and we all know that story far too well. While a demo was released of it, that's pretty much as far as the fish got in terms of an actual release.
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