@Magnussoft for someone that has not been on this site long, you sure act like you know all about Dolphin. (which you do not) I have seen many wrong answers you have given on here in the past.

SkyForum is right, they have NOT released a completely finished product since I have been here from 2007. This is just another slap in our faces to wait so long for what? another BETA! Go ahead and tell us that you are a expert programmer and have NO issues with any of the releases.hahahaha. I personally see more am giving this software tell March of 2011 and then I will be leaving. I can not afford to pay for the cost of using this software if it is not finished. 3 years is a long time to wait for a finished product. i had over 100 members when I had D6 up, then we had the release of D7 and we could not move our members accounts over to new site and I lost half my people. Members do not want to join a site that you have to resign up to all the time. I still have issues with the migration as it does NOT migrate all info to the new site. I have asked for help and get nothing that will fix the issues unless I am willing to pay out the nose for help. I am NOT willing to pay for something that is NOT even finished yet. Nor will I pay for help with a section of this software that SHOULD work completely without flaws. After all why place the options in the software if they do not work?
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