You might want to check your facts regarding Facebook reloading the entire page when loading another photo. It sure looks like like the only content loaded is new photos and their comments. Regardless of how they do it, the entire page doesn't scroll to the top when advancing to the next photo.

UFO is correct. Viewing photo albums in Dolphin is an extremely annoying experience. I discussed this almost 2 years ago, but you folks at Boonex chose not to listen. Most computer screens see more these days, are a 16:9 aspect ratio, which makes things more annoying than ever. I had to add a bit of javascript that scrolls the page to the top of the photos container div, as you can see here: http://houstonlively.com/m/photos/view/1271891560. It's not as smooth as an ajax content load, but it's a little less annoying than having to manually scroll the page every time you load a new photo.

A while back, I wrote up how I did this in the tips and tricks forum
Andrew Boon
Ok, it's a little more complicated with FB. Sometimes they use AJAX, sometimes they reload the page (more often in Safari), but it looks liek it's AJAX, because side content and menu are same and are cached (loading really fast). You can check their URLs - if you don't see # sign and URL numbers are changing - the page is reloaded.

Why you DON'T want to have it working with AJAX: this would compromise URLs structure, SEO and user-experience. Imagine people sharing direct URLs to the media pages see more - that would be a mess. FB is a little different, because they're mostly "closed" network and can afford using adaptive methods. Look at Flickr for example - they keep all their URLs uniform.

Still, what we will do - we will add an anchor to the image position and will link with that anchor from "previous/next" arrow icons. That would always show pages scrolled to the beginning of the media files. Coupled with proper caching and "lean" media pages you would get same effect as in Facebook images browsing (perhaps we could also add the fancy/AJAXy "loading" indicator to ice the cake?).

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