another reason these emails are being turned away from the likes of hotmail,, are because of the template themself. i have been round and round with Microsoft on this very topic, where i submit a range of IP's for whitelisting, assign the IP to a server, and next thing the IP is blacklisted, said the spam filter has detected the majority of the email coming from the IP to be spam.

so i have to submit the email template with a copy of the email that is going out, and they write see more back saying the IP will be whitelisted in 24-48 hours. i have joined every frigging program they have to offer, and this is still occurring after two years.

this is nice information, and i think that more is to be done and said in regards t the automated emails that get fired from the dolphin suite. i think possibly the templates need to be looked at, and i know for sure, there needs to be an OPT out on the foot of every one of those emails.

the one thing i have found that is beneficial as well is an SPF Record. where its not required by any others, Microsoft obviously has a pet peave for SPF Records. just the most generic SPF record is all they want.

one of the most important records is the PTR or reverse lookup. AOL and the others will drop you like a hot potato if your PTR is not correct.

i may come back and add something to this, because i can assure you, i have had my rounds with this email issue.

Thanks MrP for the toot
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