@ MrP and Andrew,
just some additional information on whitelisting with Microsoft | HotMail | Live | MSN and the other entities they control.
in reading the tutorial, i have additional information and some links that are relevant, most likely not only to Microsoft, but to all other major email listings:

To help resolve the issues, please continue using the recommended programs and services for a substantial amount of time to improve the reputation of your sending IPs. Try to use programs such see more as SNDS, SenderScore and JMRP to monitor the health of your outbound mail server.
• Make sure that you have SPF/SIDF records in place. You can go to for more information on this.
• SenderScore Certified Mail Program. Many legitimate mailers and marketers have qualified and joined this "white listing" program to improve mail deliverability and decrease e-mail from being filtered to the Junk E-mail Folder. Sender Score is a third party program administered by Return Path. Sender Score ( is the only white listing service to which we subscribe.

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