There are a few things that every template seller and every users expect, if not in D7 than at least in D8..
Just to mention a few of the things Dolphin currently lacks:
- Template installation (zip pack) and uploading right from the Admin Panel. (there is a ticket for this and of course it was post-poned for v 7.1)
- The "tools" to FULLY edit the layout and the menu, not just some unadjustable insert code
- A flexible layout - full width blocks followed right under by 3 other blocks see more that share the 100% width of the layout.
- Editable promo block, completely adjustable for each template, files stored on template folder.

There are many other things that are cutting your wings every time you try to create something really unique..
We need those improvements, we need to sort our priorities out.. and in my opinion the number 1 priority should be to create the tools to allow individuals and developers to make unique designs, to allow them to create great variety on the web..

I saw many design related tickets and feature requests pushed at the end of the TRAC queue.. This is one of the reasons is so hard to create templates for D7.. not to mention creative and unique layouts..
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