Maybe you should consider a similar strategy for mobile app rebranding licenses.
Andrew Boon
We believe that those should instead become a more pricey item, since they require submission to Itunes/Android Market and rebranding procedure expenses anyway. We should somehow limit the volume or their sales to avoid flooding those stores and as a result - disapprovals. Mobile Licenses are planned to be offered within Prime package only.
Mobile apps should be provided for FREE...
Maybe you can get (Min fixed cost say $25)donations form unity members for the development and offer Free mobile apps for the donors and paid for other members.
this can be implied to all products.

Also you can distribute Free dolphin as adware
and remove the adware component after earning some base income from that client...
I agree to that... not sure about others...
I agree with houstonlively and tomakali. The mobile app is far from a complete package and will require a lot of modification for most legitimate Dolphin sites. I've been in contact with several developers regarding adding "core" Dolphin 7 features to the mobile app and it is very expensive. I think that the permanent license should include access to the iPhone app, but I'd be willing to pay $99 for it.

I'm hoping that Andrew's response is foreshadowing an upcoming update to the see more iPhone app. Otherwise, the "it should be a more pricey item since they require submission" response is absolutely irrelevant to a typical user that needs to rebrand the app. If you look at the current pricing of the app, here's what it costs for us (a typical end-user) to submit a rebranded version of the app:

License from Dolphin for the Mobile app: $299
iTunes member fee to submit app to the app store: $99

Base cost: $398

So, just to get access to the app and submit it to iTunes, we have to pay around $400. This doesn't include the time or money that it would take to rebrand the app, create a proper login screen, and add core functionality (simple messenger, groups) that our end-users expect.
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