Andrew Boon
As it is now, Unity is a large "submarket" that has twice (if not more) the BoonEx turnover. It's largely unregulated and we are trying to change whatever is bad about it. As we speak, we are preparing a large site update, that will include more prominent disclaimers, buyer-protection tool, and most importantly - we're working on sorting that should favorite vendors with higher satisfaction rates.

It's not all that gloomy, really. Most of the transactions/dealing end up with both sites' see more satisfaction. Unfortunately, failed deals produce more vocal reaction. If you look at the comments to best-rated vendors - you'd see many happy clients and normally only a few unhappy ones.

Again, we hear you and we're not estranged at all. Unity, and Market in particular is a huge money-maker, but is a prominent "feature" of the Dolphin package. We recognize that and take it as a #1 priority now to make Market experience safer and more effective for everyone. Any specific suggestion are very welcome and WILL be duly processed.

re:"but claim little or no responsibility for the community"

In most cases we're not involved in the deals, we do not get commission and do not process payments. We can't verify claim effectively. In every single case, when we could get more or less verifiable information we reacted and mediated the disputes.

As we see it now - the only way it to "warn and encourage". Warn buyers to research well before buying and encourage sellers to support their products (or stay without sales).
Without splitting hairs, "submarket" is still a market; you're saying that it is market within a market; it’s still a market. Even a submarket should still abide by the rules of the greater market unless the submarket is a "black market". This community should at least meet minimal standards of the greater market. "I don't care..." or "I don't have anything to do with the transaction" shouldn't be a message or standard set by Boonex even if it is factual. see more Expectations don't cost anything.

I don't know that 'having set standards' will guarantee higher satisfaction rates. I don't know that ultimately that satisfaction is an issue. Members (especially new members) would appreciate set standards to reduce [frustration rates]. For instance, I am satisfied with the product that I got from Derartmedia; it’s a cool product; installation came months after my purchase; the back-&-forth correspondence was enough to bury the continents of Africa & Australia in paper; but I can’t complain about the product. I am frustrated (still) by the lack of effective communication & productive cooperation that continues even now with Derartmedia. Don't get me wrong, some issues can't be resolved easily (but my issue isn't one of them), & I acknowledge that.

I appreciate your response; it’s good stuff; the things Boonex is going to do/doing is a step in the right direction. If your goal is to make Boonex great, great things must be done; &, members need to understand that & believe they are part of something great. In a community like Unity, with some very talented people (from what I can tell so far), you have a lot of resources at your disposal if you use them properly. Empower the members to be better & you will see it prosper & grow. Setting standards that control behavior, prosperity & growth is critical to the success of Boonex.

My blog should not be perceived (by any) as doom & gloom; it is more so feedback & frustrations venting.
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