another symbol of incapacity from your side Andrew. is a home of dolphin developers.
Instead of making this very own platform robust, you're taking shelter under some other website alien to boonex and to boonex developers.
Following is the reason why you highlighted it:

* work progress tracking (you do not have anything such on boonex and neither is anyone interested to build one)
* detailed history, portfolio and feedback (feedback is a kind of stupid system where see more even someone who hasnt taken up your services can rate you. And this is what happened with me. Even someone who was a mere spectator posted a rubbish review on my profile.)
* advanced rating system (useless on boonex)
* over 1 million contractors (you do not have enough workers working under a hood and are proceeding towards inexperienced and a wholesome lot of contractors who have nothing else on mind than making quick money overnight on odesk. As houstenliveley said, they're nothing but a more than half group of spammers and part time workers.)
* secure payment processing (I must say this is the biggest reason. Your most orders go unprocessed or else user lands on a blank page with signs of nowhere to go. Buyer had to run out for the module developer to ask him to deliver his module for which he paid hours back.)
* dispute resolution system (I must say there are less disputes on boonex here than on oDesk. with the work going to odesk, it'll only make more unprofessional novices to rush to boonex and would affect the buyers as well as service providers.)

Overall a condemnable approach,
I would much appreciate had you made bold these above points w.r.t. the current Boonex platform than go asking for an external website to meet your needs, that you yourself should care for.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.