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Andrew Boon posted 21st of March 2011 in Boonex News. 39 comments.

We're pleased to announce that we have partnered with oDesk and they would now provide a platform for BoonEx Jobs. Together we are identifying quality contractors and approve the best ones only. With this move we plan to solve a number of issues that we face with our own Jobs system and most importantly - oDesk BoonEx Group offers a number of advantages for both contractors and their potential clients:

  • work progress tracking
  • detailed history, portfolio and feedback
  • advanced rating system
  • over 1 million contractors
  • secure payment processing
  • dispute resolution system

We will continue supporting our local Jobs system during a trial period to see how this new partnership goes, but we feel very optimistic about potential benefits for BoonEx Dolphin users. Some quality contractors already joined the group and are take to take up on new orders. Dolphin custom modifications, design, SEO, promotion, administration and other service providers are there for you to hire.
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I looked at the list of contractors. Looks like if I had a Wordpress site, I'd be all set, but not a single one of them mentioned Dolphin. It's interesting how many of them listed 'Data Entry' as one of skills. In case anyone doesn't know, 'Data Entry' is another name for 'spammer'. Ugg boots anyone?
Andrew Boon
Some actually do have Dolphin experience, as per their join application. I'd be more positive about it. Some good developers with extensive track record. Also "data entry" thing may be quite useful for a Dolphin site owner - these guys can do basic administration/moderation and are generally good at spam-busting, for cheap.
another symbol of incapacity from your side Andrew. is a home of dolphin developers.
Instead of making this very own platform robust, you're taking shelter under some other website alien to boonex and to boonex developers.
Following is the reason why you highlighted it:

* work progress tracking (you do not have anything such on boonex and neither is anyone interested to build one)
* detailed history, portfolio and feedback (feedback is a kind of stupid system where see more even someone who hasnt taken up your services can rate you. And this is what happened with me. Even someone who was a mere spectator posted a rubbish review on my profile.)
* advanced rating system (useless on boonex)
* over 1 million contractors (you do not have enough workers working under a hood and are proceeding towards inexperienced and a wholesome lot of contractors who have nothing else on mind than making quick money overnight on odesk. As houstenliveley said, they're nothing but a more than half group of spammers and part time workers.)
* secure payment processing (I must say this is the biggest reason. Your most orders go unprocessed or else user lands on a blank page with signs of nowhere to go. Buyer had to run out for the module developer to ask him to deliver his module for which he paid hours back.)
* dispute resolution system (I must say there are less disputes on boonex here than on oDesk. with the work going to odesk, it'll only make more unprofessional novices to rush to boonex and would affect the buyers as well as service providers.)

Overall a condemnable approach,
I would much appreciate had you made bold these above points w.r.t. the current Boonex platform than go asking for an external website to meet your needs, that you yourself should care for.
Andrew Boon
Thank for pointing it out. I have explicitly voiced the fact that there's "incapacity" . Even though you put it as a smear, I have no problems admitting that we're now incapable of providing a proper Jobs platform and there's no time slot in current timeline for at least a year ahead. Do I need to pretend that we're cool and BoonEx JObs is all you need? I take it that for you, as a developer, this means competition. I firmsly believe that it's a good thing and if you want to - you can do see more just fine with oDesk too.
I must agree with both HoustonLively and anyakates.

This move does not boost my confidence. At least here on the Boonex site, the developers are committed, one or two bad apples, however with oDesk you can multiply that exponentially.

Bad move big time.

Quote Andrew Boon "Some actually do have Dolphin experience, as per their join application." Is that naive or what? Have you never embellished your CV??
Boonex Should get a proper experienced IT Projects Head, Manager, Lead and a team thats enough.
I hope this move will bloat Dolphin sooner than expected.
Doomsday ahead! Soon we can find nulled D8,9,10 etc everywhere even before boonex could cook it :)
i hired a team of excellent dolphin developers on odesk. $13 an hour i believe.

andrew, i'm happy to see this partnership. good move imo.
You can tell a lot about what to expect if you use this service, by browsing their forums.

Be your own judge
Andrew Boon
BoonEx Jobs have long been a problematic place that lacked functionality and moderation. We can't commit resources towards developing it much, since Dolphin is the top priority, then Market. Jobs, by definition, require more mediation tools.

So, I can't undertand why is oDesk deal a bad thing? Unity developers are very welcome to join and bid, and build trust rating accordingly. Clients have better choice of developers and escrow facility, plus bells and whistles. Our system lacks and this should see more compliment it nicely. The only problem I could guess is added competition between developers.. but hey, look at our Jobs - some offers have no bids at all, some have 1-2. That's not choice. On top of that it's a risky business - clients email us about custom jobs rip-offs and we have no means to verify. oDesk has those things.

Think about it. You want us to provide Dolphin updates in a best shape possible. Our own Market is also important, because it's a direct extension of Dolphin. Jobs, however, is a more generic thing and one would need the best platform to connect with contractors - oDesk is just that.
One simple solution is to require developers with minimum number of feedback, and few number of mods to sell $20 mods or cheaper only, until they reach lets say x number of points, or feedback. then they can be relatively trustworthy.. Developers with excellent feedback will do anything to prevent that feedback to be tarnished, meaning refund money to customers, provide quick support, etc.. If complaints start rolling in, account suspends automatically.
Why can't you simply upgrade boonex jobs a little? People can easily go and check the feedback of job bidders. This announcenet destroys all motivation to find custom work now, everyone knows, and always knew about, odesk,guru, etc.. but I avoided those sites at all costs because of their ridiculous rules: "no personal contact,comission payment,etc.." But boonex jobs unique feature is that its a job market strictly for dolphin only developers, and it's not diluted with see more "teams of programmers" who bid $9 per hour. How can anyone who doesent live in a 3rd world country compete with that?

Most jobs with 0 bids are all completed jobs, users simply don't remove their posts. Me and perhaps other programmers simply contact the poster directly and offer price to complete the work.
i can see where you were making a good effort, but the feedback here is correct. having this part of the community outsourced is really not a good solution, and excuse for not updating and upgrading your own efforts. there are scripts which could be integrated that are freelancer clones that are viable solutions which could be integrated into the community that we all dedicate our efforts to.

outsourcing opens the door for more scams and ripoffs. you know full well that if there were see more qualified developers on odesk, they would have full knowledge of dolphin and know that jobs are posted directly on the site.

i have seen so many so called developer houses who claim to have dolphin experience, only to totally screw up a dolphin site. andrew these guys will put down as having experience with anything, just trying to get a ruple.

this should be revisited.

hell maybe i will start a dolphin developers market, at least it will consist of trusted dolphin developers and community members.
RE: "hell maybe i will start a dolphin developers market, at least it will consist of trusted dolphin developers and community members."

I'd definitely use it.
RE: "hell maybe i will start a dolphin developers market, at least it will consist of trusted dolphin developers and community members."

I'll use it too.

I would not trust the oDesk contractors, that is scary.
Im in...
I cant let some maniac to rip off my website and sell it to others...
if this can happen in boonex, how are you going to track this in oDesk?

ppl are always looking for mod,
if HL hires someone from oDesk for mod A
that oDesk thief rips all the content of his site?
then sells at Unity market "5000 genuine members"
and if I buy that...

what would be the "legal point" here?

simple thing to do is...
Get "codendi" appoint moderators
Go Live...
thats see more sweet...
As a current oDesk user I am very excited about this. I am still learning Dolphin but will soon add my Dolphin experience to my profile with links. Very excited!
I have to go with "Adminmysite" on this.

Well, and quoting andrew- Why do I need bells and whistles? Why do I need odesk at first instance.
As for escrow- I never charge a single dollar as upfront and yet deliver great service.
And yet, if the doors are opened towards outsourcing, then what are the developers doing here? We could also opt out and chose odesk as our working platform.
If there are good developers on odesk, then there are to be much better contracts too (than here). see more
So is this reverse concept too applied here? This would result in nothing but abandonement of Jobs section.

Last point: If you're so happy about odesk having good boonex workers, why not outsource boonex developement work there too?
Everyone needs quality work for less price. Thats exactly what odesk is all about (as per you)
Would you do that? Definitely NOT
Because you yourself understand the high risk, unreliability and the gush of "good" talent over there. your second reason might be that you do not want to lose the integrity of boonex developement to some external contractor.

Now keep the client who's offering job on boonex in the same frame.
When you, as the head cannot trust odesk, would he? and would you promote something that seems not so good to you to him?
-----no answers--------
I'd merely suggest you to keep you and the client on the same bench and then see if what you are 'suggesting' applies to you or not. If you cannot do it, definitely others would not either.
By taking such a step, you're doing nothing but choking the native boonex developers.
And as stated: It'll lead to null dolphin scripts selling everywhere..
As of now: there is no script available for $99 that is not nulled.. believe me.(except dolphin)
So upto you: How soon would you like to see it?
As someone in his second day of membership, I don't see a problem with BoonEx using oDesk. For most of us, outsourcing is really the way to go if you want to be successful.

The Dolphin developers should have no problem setting up on oDesk (all you veterans know who they are so there should be no problem there) and a Boonex presence on oDesk may prompt more developers to learn Dolphin. They may not all be great to begin with, but who is?

In the end, moving to oDesk could result in a larger Developer see more developer pool and more competition on price. It will also give webmasters a place to go to outsource other work if they hadn't already thought of using outsourcing.

I, for one, am willing to give Andrew's idea a try.
I can't think of a single reason why any of the top developers on would want to set up on odesk. Most of them are in high demand because everyone knows who they are. They would have nothing to gain by setting up in an environment where their perceived value is 8 bucks an hour. Besides, who wants to work under a microscope? Odesk is not exactly an environment designed to spawn creativity.
I agree with houstonlively again..
No-one wants to go down in price and demand.
I would like to see more competition. The junk will sink and the good programmers will rise to the top. The current Jobs / Market is like dealing with Nigeria via email. Scary.
@ PravoNetwork
How is it scary ? Stick to this one simple rule: Check the developers profile, if there's more than 10 Great reviews, and developer has 5 or more modules with great feedback, and the developer has been a member of Unity for more than 6 months, chances are you won't get scammed. These simple rules should be posted in large bold font on the Jobs and Market pages and all issues would be solved regarding scamming. New developers with 0 feedback should be allowed to sell mods which cost see more no more than $20, when they reach x number of positive feedback, x number of points, the limitations lift, and they can be considered relatively safe.
@ Adminmysite - do you actually think the point I was making about the questionable developers on the Jobs / Market boards needed debate? Read the forum. Obviously there is a problem otherwise Andrew wouldn't be attempting to offer a solution.

I just had a job completed by Anton, but prior to me contacting him I had all kinds of "developers" giving me all kinds of BS about what it would take to finish the job and then kept pestering me to send them payment.
Ok but you'll have people like that everywhere, like I mentioned above, stick to developers with high reviews and a long active history being on here and most issues will be avoided. This "warning" statement needs to be plastered all over the Jobs and Market page.

I wouldn't spend more than $15 on a mod coming from a developer with 0 ratings and no history, simply common sense logic applies here in my opinion.
i contacted many of the developers here with good feedback and reviews. i needed ccbill's affiliate system added to the default user accounts with integration of sign up forms and some other custom features as well as completely separate user accounts for membership only users. all of them told me they could not do this work and a couple gave me some outrageous quote and time frame.

i looked on odesk, found a great team the first day and hired them. $13 an hour and 2 weeks later i had everything see more i asked for and it works flawlessly. i was able to monitor their work and talk with them on odesk during the process. we were able to discuss options and problems the whole time. i only paid weekly as the work had been completed. because everything was monitored and recorded by odesk, they could not get away with doing a poor job or stealing money. odesk does a great job of moderating the buyers and developers. do you get that here?

i realize they are from 3rd world countries and their rates are cheaper. that is why you are mostly seeing the developers complaining about working on odesk. i fully understand and unfortunately there is no way of getting around that.
I have some limited experience in the past using Odesk contractors for various jobs with excellent results and have also recommended some of them to others who were equally satisfied.

I use mostly Filipinos whom I have found to be very dedicated workers with wonderful skills and attitudes.

I can see where this prospect might tend to frighten some here considering many Filipinos are very happy to work 10 hour days for about a third of what many here charge per hour.
This is the best way forward for BoonEx :) . I have used oDesk 3 times and the quality of service and work was brilliant. I only use Dolphin SOFTWARE as i cannot afford to hire a programmer and pay him £100 000,

I have been RIPPED off by so called Boonex programmers on here 3 times by buying mods that don't work/break my site or have had their link removed, for on average 20 times more than the cost of a programmer on oDesk .

Why would us DOLPHIN users not want oDesk ???? Be honest, we can see more get mods written/made for a fraction of the cost of what some of you are already charging. Also i have seen a lot of posts about Boonex being a scam (selling own mods) you will know which site i am referring to so that would put a partial end to that. Look at wordpress for instance you can buy mods for that everywhere (not in a little crummy marketplace that has no future)
The only people i can see that are moaning :-

quote from houstonlively
"I can't think of a single reason why any of the top developers on would want to set up on odesk. Most of them are in high demand because everyone knows who they are. They would have nothing to gain by setting up in an environment where their perceived value is 8 bucks an hour. Besides, who wants to work under a microscope? Odesk is not exactly an environment designed to spawn creativity."

They would see more not get any jobs on there from people like me, get in the real world (not all of us have money).

This opens up a new can of worms for mods to be written cheaply and expand the boonex community. Secondly its clear that all you can think about is MONEY MONEY MONEY. I have not READ 1 comment about what it will do for the ACTUAL software and for the future of BOONEX.

quote from anyakates (who keeps sending me emails to buy her mods)

I agree with houstonlively again..
No-one wants to go down in price and demand.

WHAT, look you have made your mods, this step will make it easier and cheaper for us Dolphin users to buy mods and expand for little money, what is the reason that 60% of people use DOLPHIN software ????? BECAUSE ITS FREE were all cheapskates that expect everything for nothing.
Ok, so I just searched my history and came to know that there was only one time in my life that I emailed you in September 2010, and that was because I was surfing the online members..and found you holding something like fish.
And thats when I replied back as to what are you doing there. Also, I had just submitted the module few minutes ago, so just thought that you'd like to see something that is just updated..

And I'd have given you a copy free (as I have done to around more than a few dozens see more of people who are connected to me on a daily basis.)
nevertheless, the module is for $9 only..nothing big. If I were at your place, I'd have atleast replied back out of courtesy, than holding back my reply for the sake of "probably" being "asked" to shell out $9 (which I was never going to do it anyway)

And if you are wanting "everything" for "nothing", even odesk would not be able to help you, friend :)
RE: "They would not get any jobs on there from people like me, get in the real world (not all of us have money). "

In the real world of developing websites that stand out, it costs money.... lots of money. That site called Facebook that everyone want to be like, started off with half a million dollars in venture capital. People complaining about spending a few hundred bucks is laughable.

Yes, I understand that not everyone "has money". That's too bad. I have found that see more money is quite useful when developing websites. I really don't care who uses odesk. I actually hope everyone here flocks to odesk. Maybe then it'll be easier for me to hire some of the top Dolphin developers around here.
quote from Andrew and i am still stunned "We will continue supporting our local Jobs system during a trial period to see how this new partnership goes, but we feel very optimistic about potential benefits for BoonEx Dolphin users" DOLPHIN USERS

This software for DOLPHIN USERS not for you programmers/developers to make money out of us
IMHO gmrm is having a point ...

As far as I know, we all came here to help each other and during the past 5 years that worked great. A simple question on the forum can solve a lot.

But then some people with developer skills saw the opportunity to make lots of dollars out of simple mods which other people (PHP dummies) can't write. Most of the mods I bought are now even included in the script.

So there's 1 advice ... be patient. Boonex listens to their customers, but give them the time to see more develop. If you can not be patient or you need something completely out of the script, you'll have to pay. And those who are afraid to lose money ... don't forget who owns Boonex. Andrew is thinking in the best interest of everybody. Not the happy few who can spend a lot of money to a happy few who can write mods.
I am very new to the scene, but in the last few months I have had some poor experiences with a few developers here. I do not begrudge them from making money and a living; they are entitled to it. One developer was ready to swindle me - lucky I gave him no money, another took all my notes and toyed with me with periodic promises of helping and then not responding to ANY of my messages or emails.

Although I have not done any work with Anyakates; she was very professional and prompt in her dealings see more with me, which I appreciated. AntonLV was another person that has been very professional and pleasant. Cogzidel is another very professional company that I have dealt with (who are Boonex highly recommended partners)

In many instances some of the developers here have gotten a bit cocky I would say, not necessary in their price but their attitude. So for me this is not a bad idea for the users of this software. Give it a chance and see what happens.
At first I didn't like this idea but the more I think about it the more I like it. This will add the competition that is needed to make modification cost's more affordable to more people. It will also attract new developers to the Boonex software. Will I still use the developers here? Sure, I will look at the people that have a good reputation with non encrypted mods. But ultimately the cost would be the deciding factor.

I have considered dropping Dolphin on may occasions just because mods are see more so over priced. Hell I have mods for for vBulletin that are way better than some of the high $$$ priced ones for sale here and they were free! I installed a mod that will allow you to post videos from 180+ different sites with full admin control. How much do you think a mod like that would cost here... $300.-$400. maybe. So yeah I'm all for this idea Andrew. Great Idea!
i support this you should also look at get a coder site.this site is simply amazeing.

they have some good developers there.
RE: "Together we are identifying quality contractors and approve the best ones only."

Andrew, you'd have a hard time convincing me that that you guys are even capable of identifying a quality contractor. You have a few people posting modules in the market that are full of bugs, they don't support their products, and when I enter a dispute in the so called dispute forum, absolutely nothing happens. The same person that many members have legitimate issues with, gets some of his modules see more designated as "Staff Picks". That's pretty screwed up. Why should we believe that you can identify quality contractors on odesk, when you can't do it on your own site, where you should have a more educated understanding of who they are, and what they are capable of?

You have made no effort to give developers on your own site, a way to promote their services. The market is just for listing "completed" products, and the jobs section is nothing more than a list of "prey" for all the sleazeballs. Why can't there be a "Developers Directory" right on Let developers maintain a resume page right here on this site. Their resume page could let people know what their hourly rates were, their areas of expertise, whether or not they accept small jobs or only larger ones, their present work load/availability. Even though I know who the best developers are, it's not easy to know if they are available.

Go ahead and let all the tinkerers have odesk, but how about creating a directory of professional services right here on for those of us that put quality above thrift.
oDesk is fantastic .. welcome to the new world, where i can hire a programmer for $5 per hour
Not used anyone on odesk before and tbh, would be hesitant to do so.
Personally, I would either use someone I actually know, or someone on boonex who I know will at least know the script.

Ive had a few custom jobs done, and each time Ive just used members here who have built the mods I needed changing.
It may be a slightly higher price than an unknown on odesk, but at least I know they will know the script to work on...

Each to their own I guess, I dont think adding the option with odesk see more is a bad thing.
I would still stick with the 'known' though and not open my site up to someone I really know nothing about on another site...
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