I have to go with "Adminmysite" on this.

Well, and quoting andrew- Why do I need bells and whistles? Why do I need odesk at first instance.
As for escrow- I never charge a single dollar as upfront and yet deliver great service.
And yet, if the doors are opened towards outsourcing, then what are the developers doing here? We could also opt out and chose odesk as our working platform.
If there are good developers on odesk, then there are to be much better contracts too (than here). see more
So is this reverse concept too applied here? This would result in nothing but abandonement of Jobs section.

Last point: If you're so happy about odesk having good boonex workers, why not outsource boonex developement work there too?
Everyone needs quality work for less price. Thats exactly what odesk is all about (as per you)
Would you do that? Definitely NOT
Because you yourself understand the high risk, unreliability and the gush of "good" talent over there. your second reason might be that you do not want to lose the integrity of boonex developement to some external contractor.

Now keep the client who's offering job on boonex in the same frame.
When you, as the head cannot trust odesk, would he? and would you promote something that seems not so good to you to him?
-----no answers--------
I'd merely suggest you to keep you and the client on the same bench and then see if what you are 'suggesting' applies to you or not. If you cannot do it, definitely others would not either.
By taking such a step, you're doing nothing but choking the native boonex developers.
And as stated: It'll lead to null dolphin scripts selling everywhere..
As of now: there is no script available for $99 that is not nulled.. believe me.(except dolphin)
So upto you: How soon would you like to see it?
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