At first I didn't like this idea but the more I think about it the more I like it. This will add the competition that is needed to make modification cost's more affordable to more people. It will also attract new developers to the Boonex software. Will I still use the developers here? Sure, I will look at the people that have a good reputation with non encrypted mods. But ultimately the cost would be the deciding factor.

I have considered dropping Dolphin on may occasions just because mods are see more so over priced. Hell I have mods for for vBulletin that are way better than some of the high $$$ priced ones for sale here and they were free! I installed a mod that will allow you to post videos from 180+ different sites with full admin control. How much do you think a mod like that would cost here... $300.-$400. maybe. So yeah I'm all for this idea Andrew. Great Idea!
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