RE: "Together we are identifying quality contractors and approve the best ones only."

Andrew, you'd have a hard time convincing me that that you guys are even capable of identifying a quality contractor. You have a few people posting modules in the market that are full of bugs, they don't support their products, and when I enter a dispute in the so called dispute forum, absolutely nothing happens. The same person that many members have legitimate issues with, gets some of his modules see more designated as "Staff Picks". That's pretty screwed up. Why should we believe that you can identify quality contractors on odesk, when you can't do it on your own site, where you should have a more educated understanding of who they are, and what they are capable of?

You have made no effort to give developers on your own site, a way to promote their services. The market is just for listing "completed" products, and the jobs section is nothing more than a list of "prey" for all the sleazeballs. Why can't there be a "Developers Directory" right on Boonex.com? Let developers maintain a resume page right here on this site. Their resume page could let people know what their hourly rates were, their areas of expertise, whether or not they accept small jobs or only larger ones, their present work load/availability. Even though I know who the best developers are, it's not easy to know if they are available.

Go ahead and let all the tinkerers have odesk, but how about creating a directory of professional services right here on boonex.com for those of us that put quality above thrift.
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