@ Adminmysite - do you actually think the point I was making about the questionable developers on the Jobs / Market boards needed debate? Read the forum. Obviously there is a problem otherwise Andrew wouldn't be attempting to offer a solution.

I just had a job completed by Anton, but prior to me contacting him I had all kinds of "developers" giving me all kinds of BS about what it would take to finish the job and then kept pestering me to send them payment.
Ok but you'll have people like that everywhere, like I mentioned above, stick to developers with high reviews and a long active history being on here and most issues will be avoided. This "warning" statement needs to be plastered all over the Jobs and Market page.

I wouldn't spend more than $15 on a mod coming from a developer with 0 ratings and no history, simply common sense logic applies here in my opinion.
i contacted many of the developers here with good feedback and reviews. i needed ccbill's affiliate system added to the default user accounts with integration of sign up forms and some other custom features as well as completely separate user accounts for membership only users. all of them told me they could not do this work and a couple gave me some outrageous quote and time frame.

i looked on odesk, found a great team the first day and hired them. $13 an hour and 2 weeks later i had everything see more i asked for and it works flawlessly. i was able to monitor their work and talk with them on odesk during the process. we were able to discuss options and problems the whole time. i only paid weekly as the work had been completed. because everything was monitored and recorded by odesk, they could not get away with doing a poor job or stealing money. odesk does a great job of moderating the buyers and developers. do you get that here?

i realize they are from 3rd world countries and their rates are cheaper. that is why you are mostly seeing the developers complaining about working on odesk. i fully understand and unfortunately there is no way of getting around that.
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