I am very new to the scene, but in the last few months I have had some poor experiences with a few developers here. I do not begrudge them from making money and a living; they are entitled to it. One developer was ready to swindle me - lucky I gave him no money, another took all my notes and toyed with me with periodic promises of helping and then not responding to ANY of my messages or emails.

Although I have not done any work with Anyakates; she was very professional and prompt in her dealings see more with me, which I appreciated. AntonLV was another person that has been very professional and pleasant. Cogzidel is another very professional company that I have dealt with (who are Boonex highly recommended partners)

In many instances some of the developers here have gotten a bit cocky I would say, not necessary in their price but their attitude. So for me this is not a bad idea for the users of this software. Give it a chance and see what happens.
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