Ok, so I just searched my history and came to know that there was only one time in my life that I emailed you in September 2010, and that was because I was surfing the online members..and found you holding something like fish.
And thats when I replied back as to what are you doing there. Also, I had just submitted the module few minutes ago, so just thought that you'd like to see something that is just updated..

And I'd have given you a copy free (as I have done to around more than a few dozens see more of people who are connected to me on a daily basis.)
nevertheless, the module is for $9 only..nothing big. If I were at your place, I'd have atleast replied back out of courtesy, than holding back my reply for the sake of "probably" being "asked" to shell out $9 (which I was never going to do it anyway)

And if you are wanting "everything" for "nothing", even odesk would not be able to help you, friend :)
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