IMHO gmrm is having a point ...

As far as I know, we all came here to help each other and during the past 5 years that worked great. A simple question on the forum can solve a lot.

But then some people with developer skills saw the opportunity to make lots of dollars out of simple mods which other people (PHP dummies) can't write. Most of the mods I bought are now even included in the script.

So there's 1 advice ... be patient. Boonex listens to their customers, but give them the time to see more develop. If you can not be patient or you need something completely out of the script, you'll have to pay. And those who are afraid to lose money ... don't forget who owns Boonex. Andrew is thinking in the best interest of everybody. Not the happy few who can spend a lot of money to a happy few who can write mods.
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