Andrew Boon
BoonEx Jobs have long been a problematic place that lacked functionality and moderation. We can't commit resources towards developing it much, since Dolphin is the top priority, then Market. Jobs, by definition, require more mediation tools.

So, I can't undertand why is oDesk deal a bad thing? Unity developers are very welcome to join and bid, and build trust rating accordingly. Clients have better choice of developers and escrow facility, plus bells and whistles. Our system lacks and this should see more compliment it nicely. The only problem I could guess is added competition between developers.. but hey, look at our Jobs - some offers have no bids at all, some have 1-2. That's not choice. On top of that it's a risky business - clients email us about custom jobs rip-offs and we have no means to verify. oDesk has those things.

Think about it. You want us to provide Dolphin updates in a best shape possible. Our own Market is also important, because it's a direct extension of Dolphin. Jobs, however, is a more generic thing and one would need the best platform to connect with contractors - oDesk is just that.
One simple solution is to require developers with minimum number of feedback, and few number of mods to sell $20 mods or cheaper only, until they reach lets say x number of points, or feedback. then they can be relatively trustworthy.. Developers with excellent feedback will do anything to prevent that feedback to be tarnished, meaning refund money to customers, provide quick support, etc.. If complaints start rolling in, account suspends automatically.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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